• They are sensitive but have brave to upfront situations.
  • They ruin their relationships, easily effect by minor things.
  • Aries are pioneers, they are happy in their own life as long as nobody tries to interfere in their life.
  • They are tough in love.
  • They are crazy in love with Leo and…

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Pisces are over in everything

The overly sensitivity, often leads to Pisces difficultly to live in reality. This is because they may be upset with you or hate your idea but they will still sympathize with you! If you have problems, they will love to help you but do not take advantage of them. They are oversensitive, not able t…

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Aquarius is unpredictable

The Aquarius is like air. They are unpredictable and jumpy. They are stubborn, unemotional and rebellious and sometimes they are famous for sarcasm. They love the unconventional things in life and this can rub people off the wrong way. Of course, they cannot be bothered for an apology! Despite the…

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Status is everything to a Capricorn

Capricorns are moody. Women are subject to be moody but the Capricorn girl can have some really black and long-lasting ones. If she feels mistreated or unappreciated, she'll brood for days, weeks, even months. Hard working Capricorn loves their money but they easily let their status go to their he…

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Sagittarius is Gamblers of weakness

They are Unemotional and overly blunt. Too much devoted. Optimism is the biggest weakness of a Sagittarius. Actually, they are conservative in nature. They are very knowledgeable and can turn the tables on you easily so you need to be prepared. The problem is they do not practice what they preach!…

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A Scorpio cannot move on! Brutally honest


Scorpio will not pay a false compliment to gain a point or win an ally. It's beneath them to flatter. A Scorpio never forgets nor forgives and this is their biggest weakness. They simply cannot move on. If someone has hurt them, that person is their enemy forever. They believe in mess-ups. The…

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A Libra is Lazy!

They ran to take any decisions. They always avoid fights with believe in diplomacy. A Libra loves harmony and to achieve this they take both sides, and this habit usually gets them in trouble! They love diplomacy so you need to learn to be tactful around them. They are lazy to do something with thei…

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Virgos are cold

 Virgo is quick to deny his habits and traits .They does not take any criticism. They always worry and sometimes feel shyness. They believe in all work and no play. They are inflexible and always interfering others. They always stand out as a loner. Social gatherings are not the best hunting groun…

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Leos heights of stubbornness

The bigger the lion, the more delicate the ego! Yes, a Leo is self-centered (run by themselves for them self!) is their biggest drawback. They believe in domineering others. Melodrama is a key word for them. If you need to get something done, just admire them but do not overdo it, otherwise you ha…

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A Cancer can blackmail anyone and everyone!

Real moody and too sensitive. They always feel disappointment with their life. They believe that they are too good. They insecurity and manipulation are two major weakness. The sensitive crab has a mighty temper and major mood swings, and these are their biggest weaknesses. Sometimes they are over…

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