Sex – Homo Sexuality – Spirituality


The most important thing is that everyone should know that the concept of sex should not be magnified and should not be given over attention. Sex is a biological need of the body like hunger and thirst. It is a biological issue at physical level because, whenever  we take food, a part of it is supplied to the reproductive system, by which, it gives signals in the form of sexual desire for the growth of human race on this planet Earth. God created it for this reason, so that the souls come down to the earth through the bodies created by sexual union. Therefore, sex is a factor involved in the divine mission, which functions in a circular way by bringing down the souls to the earth and taking these souls away from the earth.


Disease is another biological need for the body to disintegrate and liberate the soul for its journey to the upper world. This cycle of…

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Real Meaning of Meditation

Meditation meaning

People say that meditation is sitting with perfect silence without any process of thought. Such a contention is meaningless because it virtually amounts to a nice sleep only. These people further misinterpret that such a meditation is concentration on formless God (Nirakara). Holy Gita says that you cannot concentrate on formless God (Avyakthahi Gatih).

The meditation of formless God becomes true if you concentrate on the true knowledge of God. Vedas says that true knowledge is the real form of the Lord (Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma).
Knowledge is formless. Therefore the formless God means only the true divine knowledge regarding Lord. This is the correct interpretation of Sankara’s philosophy. The great ancient Vedic sages sat in the formless meditation and this statement states that they concentrated on the divine knowledge (Brahma Jnana), which was expressed as Upanish…

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Mantras and their healing power for remedies

The science of mantras is a result of research and hard work by Indian scholars and sages. Mantras, meditation and astrology go hand in hand. 

The mantra is a means to achieve a desired aim with the help of devotion and perseverance. Mantra is constituted by consciously regulated words and syllables set to a definite rhythm which when chanted with proper vibration and faith yields the required results. Each mantra has its own specific effect and has typical characteristics and features.

The mechanism of mantra can be described scientifically with the help of these following hypotheses:


(1) All intelligence/ knowledge in this world is made of special particles and can be divided into conscious, sub-conscious and super conscious (infinite intelligence) levels.

(2) Whatever event takes place is a result of permutation and combination of these special particles.

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Relation between Priests, Lord and YOU



God Priest and Devotee

The devotion or love to the God involves both sides that is, your love on God and God’s love on you. The second love comes only when there is first love. For the first love the worship of statue or photo is helpful. For the second love the worship of human form can only bring the result.
In worshipping the statue or photo you need not to offer food as Naivedyam or Money as Dakshina.

Priest, in this line of worship he can clean the statue or photo and decorate it.
The constant vision on such photo or statue develops love and concentration in your mind. The statue or photo will not eat the food offered by you or will not take money offered by you.
Keeping the statue or photo as the screen, the priests or managers are deceiving you. You are offering food and money in the name of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

But Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are not taking …

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Human Love (vs) Fatherly Love of God

Love of God

The Supreme Lord (God) is the father of all the souls. Your love on another human being is only brotherly love and is conditional.
The love of god is far greater and unconditional than humanly love. You are criticizing your father for punishing your brother ! The father tries his best to transform his son.
In Ramayana, on the first day of the war Ravana was defeated by Rama.
Rama could have killed him on the very first day. But he asked Ravana to go back and think that night.
The Lord punishes any one as last resort. Even then, the Lord does not have anger or hatred for them.
The punishment is only the last method attempted for this transformation. There also the aim is only transformation.
But when you punish your enemy such aim does not exist. Therefore the punishment by Lord is also reflecting divine love of god and kindness on the soul. Due to such sacred aim the Lord is …

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OSHO’s famous first letter in 1963

I am for those who need me – nothing in my life is for myself.

Weep so much that only the tears remain, not you.
If the tears alone remain and he who weeps vanishes
then God comes by himself.


That alone is the path and that alone is the destination. The courage to be empty is all that is needed to become one with the all.


This is why I say that love itself is knowing God. God can only be known in love because in love the “I” disappears. You will never find love where “I” exists. Love is only there when “I” is not.


Let me tell you a secret: only the pleasure you give to others becomes bliss. And there is no end to bliss. Bliss is the nectar of life. It is eternal, endless.
Is there a greater satisfaction to be found than undertaking a task with love? Is anything more gratifying than serving others? No, nothing at all.

The love…

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How to generate Positive Karma for yourself, 3 types & effects

positive karma

Karma is the act, work or deed that affects our future life and also, our life in the next birth. There are three types of Karma : Sanchita, Prarabdha, Aagami.
Sanchita Karma is the one you carry from multiple past lives (includes both positive and negative effects; however, negative effects won’t be carried beyond 7 lives while positive effects can be carried till your last life).
Prarabdha Karma is mostly carried from immediate past life and can also be a mixture of balance negative karma from few past lives and this has to be forcefully experienced by you in present life.
Sanchita Karmas can wait and can be postponed through prayers, meditation, remedies, donations etc but timing and execution of results of Prarabdha Karma cannot be altered.
At the most, one can reduce its intensity in this life.
Aagami Karma is what you accumulate by your deeds in this life, and will…

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The Secret of how to become GOD, YOU CAN ?

You can become God and can become even the master of God provide you follow 1 condition.
That condition is that you should never think that you are God. Take this case of lord Hanuman.
He became God and attain even the power of creation of world.
Brahma sutras say that the soul may attained all the powers except this one power.
But lord Hanuman, as an exceptional case attain even that power & became exactly Lord.
But He always think that He is the servant of the Lord. Radha became the queen of Goloka, which is just above the Brahma Loka.
The Lord sits in Brahma Loka and her feet are above in the head of the Lord.
The Lord is in the form of Krishna also pressed her feet.
The Lord applies  the dust of the feet of Gopika on His forehead.
Therefore, Radha became the master of the Lord. But still Radha feels that she is the only the most beloved servant of the…

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Significance of Early Morning Worship or Meditation

The Time before early morning, before sunrise is called Brahma Muhurtham, which mean that it is the time to worship God. At that time, all the people are in deep sleep and nobody will disturb you.
The atmosphere is also sacred because the vibrations of mind involved in world matter are not emitted from the people since they are in deep sleep. Mind is also a form of the energy. Mind disappears in the deep sleep. The atmosphere is not polluted by the radiations of the worldly feelings. At that time devotes awake and pray the God. Their pure mental rays pervade all over the world and make the time sacred. Thus it becomes the congenial and encouraging atmosphere.
After the sunrise people awake and the materialistic mental radiations are emitted through the  physical senses. The atmosphere is polluted. People will disturb you in dragging you to materialistic discussions. Eve…

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