Vajrasasna [ Thunderbolt Pose]--Yoga

Vajrasasna [ Thunderbolt Pose]

This yoga posture has been named after the diamond shape .This posture is very good for doing pranayamas and meditation. It helps in stimulating the vajra nadi in our body. This nadi is connected with the genital organs of our body.  This asana in yoga is  one of the easiest to perform . It has many benefits associated with it.


  • Fold both the legs and keep your hips on your heels . Your toes should point behind you and both of them should touch each other.

  • Sit on your crossed heels.

  • Keep your neck, head and back in a straight position. Your palms should face up and place them on your thighs.

  • Hold the pose and start taking long deep

  • Breathe out and straighten your legs. Relax your whole body.

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  • It enhances bold circulation in lower abdomen.

  • People with acidity should sit in this asana for 15 minutes daily after meal. It aids in digestion.

  • Strengthens nerves and muscles of thigh and legs.

  • Helps in making knee and joints flexible and prevents certain rheumatic diseases.

  • You can also practice this posture during pranayam and meditation.

  • Stimulates your organs connected to the genital. Therefore, helps in improving your reproductive systems.

  • Cautions

    Look for the stiffness in your foot and ankle . Do this asana to the pint to which you are comfortable. Leave as soon as pain begins. People having difficulty In moving their body should abstain this asana in yoga.

    Practice this asana twice a day especially after meal for 15 minutes.  This is a must to do yoga for people with acidity disorders.


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