Bhramari Pranayama Benefits

This is one of the best  asanas in yoga  to calm your mind . It involves just breathing in a rhythmic manner and is highly beneficial to let go off your anger, anxiety and nervousness.  It is really very easy to practice and can be done at any place ant your home or even at your office. It is really very simple but with great benefits.  It resembles the pattern of bee. When you breathe out, you tend to hum or resonate a sound just like a bee.


How to do Bhramari Pranayama ??

Step 1.  Sit in a ventilated and calm room free from any major noise disturbance. Sit in a straight position. Make sure your back should not bend during the whole process.

Step2. Place your index finger on your ears. Place your index finger on the cartilage of your ear. This is cartilage is the small outer covering of your ear. Press it very gently.

Step3. Take a deep breath and while exhaling make a loud humming sound like that of a bee. You can put your other fingers on your eyes to make it more effective.

Repeat the process 6-7 times . Keep your eyes closed and try to feel the peace generated and feel the solitude in your mind. You can also practice this asana while lying down at your bed. But you need not have to put your index finger on your ears while lying down. If possible make sure to lie on a stiff ground or a stiff mattress.

Bhramari Pranayama Benefits

  • Anger, anxiety and tension are relieved within the span of few minutes itself while practicing this asana. It is one the best technique in yoga to calm your hypertension.

  • It is very helpful in curing migraines.

  • Improves concentration and memory.

  • Helps in controlling blood pressure.

    Words  of caution:-

  • Make sure that you do not put your fingers inside the ears but just on the cartilage.

  • Keep your mouth closed and practice with your stomach empty.

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