Vastu and Yantra


Yantra is a tool or symbol conceived as a form pattern that represents a deity or any of the cosmic principle. Mantra is the sound body of the principle . When the thought is repeated constantly in the form of mantra it energizes yantra that can be used to accomplish a particular outcome and this technique is called tantra.

Different religions uses different yantras. Muslims use crescent moon. Christian uses holy  cross etc. Vedas used geometric patterns and even numbers also as yantra. Vastu directs the design and construction of a structure according to the correct arrangement of five principles in such a way that the building itself represents a yantra. Vastu and Yantra are correlated.

Vastu and Yantra

Total all the digits and add further it will always be 9. For Example in Sun total is 45 and 4+5 = 9 . The yantra of the nine planets acts as are the main basis of vastu design.  Each yantra is composed of nine squares . Each square is composed of nine squares and each square is assigned a particular number to represent a particular planet. Middle number in the front row represents the number of planet the yantra represents . Rest of the numbers are arranged in such a pattern that the numbers of the three squares added either across or diagonally will equal the same total.

Vastu and Yantra

Energy movement help us figure out the exalted and debilitated positions. Areas where energy is moving in should be regarded as exalted and therefore should be the location of doors and windows that provide the opening for the energy to flow in. Areas where energy moves out are designed as debilitated  and should be kept closed to prevent the flow of energy outside the building.  Opposite of the above scenario may cause negative effects . Therefore, vastu and yantra help us to study the flow of energy i.e. negative as well as positive energy which further leads to the best possible structure of a building.

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