• They are sensitive but have brave to upfront situations.
  • They ruin their relationships, easily effect by minor things.
  • Aries are pioneers, they are happy in their own life as long as nobody tries to interfere in their life.
  • They are tough in love.
  • They are crazy in love with Leo and Sagittarius.
  • They have good sense of humor.
  • They are courageous type and doing work quickly.
  • They are tired of hearing people say that you need to work on being patient.
  • For cheer up, they need sex. 
  • Aries is always ready for action! They are the people who are always energetic.
  • Aries are irritated by people trying to stop the party. Party hard or go home! As far as an Aries is concerned, the party never ends. Why party in the first place if there's a clock ticking, is the Aries philosophy. Always Enjoying the party and acts as a party animal.
  • Aries fall in love fast. You may think that the speed implies recklessness, but oh no. Just because they fell in love quickly doesn't mean they will live to regret it. On the contrary, they will make their commitment worthwhile. Yes! I am serious.
  • Aries are independent. They are so independent that they are forever surprising their families, and their energy levels make you wonder if they're on drugs!
  • Aries are extremely loyal and generous. As lovers, they not only have eyes only for you, but are also expressive of their love in wonderful, generous ways.
  • Aries need your undivided attention and get irritated when they don't have it and can turn into an petulant child. They always want to be apple of everyone's eyes.


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