Why break up is painful???

Why break up is  painful???

Life is a journey in which we have both ups and downs. We enjoy happiness as well as share sadness. We all are bound by one another through a connection. Only sociopath tend to isolate themselves from world. Life is not always filled with happiness. Sometimes it brings you sorrows that may crush you completely. To share and bear these sorrows we make friends. And sometimes these friends turn into love. Your life partner is one of your best friends. During break up this is your biggest loss.

You lose the one person you always knew you could turn to.

Our lives are filled with sorrows and joys. Your partner is always the best person you tend to share your  experiences with them. When you both end in break up, this is the first thing you miss. There is nobody to listen to your whine and complains . During your difficult times you don’t have anybody you can talk to . You miss the person as he was your faithful and honest adviser.


Some say that they can deal with hardship alone. But it is not possible to do so. You will always need a lover or at least a very good friend  to share your burden.

You lose the one person you always enjoyed spending time with.


Earlier you both went to shopping , movies , trips , dinner etc. together . But now you are alone and have to share your happiness with yourself . You miss all those happy moments and feel nostalgic for your partner.

You lose the one person who never judges you because he or she already knows you.

We all judge each other. Stranger always judges to know the truth of your life. They judge you to understand your character whether you are harmful or favorable to them. Families judges your decisions whether they will be fruitful for their life.


But your lover or partner never judges because he or she already know you and understands you even better than yourself. It’s an incredible thing to meet someone who knows you better than you know yourself and an incredibly scary thing to then go on to watch him or her walk out of your life.


It really does feel like two people have walked out of your life, not just one.


You lose the person with whom you tend to spend time with. You both watched movies , had dinners etc. but now that person is gone. Sometimes best friends turn into your lovers. At this time when you encounter break up you lose both the person i.e. your lover and your best friend.

Best friends are the precious ones who are really difficult to find in this selfish and materialistic world. With time your expectations also rises. These expectation can only be met by your best friends only. So when you end up in break up , you also lose the person who can meet the expectations

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