Real meaning of relationship


In this post we are going to discuss the real meaning of relationship . Relationship is an interconnected channel and response between two people. It is the awareness and interconnection between two people. So , do you know relationship  is based on  what factors? It is based on mutual help, mutual aid and sacrifice and so  on. But  in today’s  world most of the relationship are limited to mutual gratification only. Both the people are in relationship till they are pleased with each other. The moment you feel that you are not pleased by your partner it is the end of the relationship. Is it not???

Real meaning of relationshipReal meaning of relationship

Relationship means sharing of intimate feelings and thoughts of each other without fear and freedom to understand each other . But are you sharing the same intimate feelings?? Most of you will say “ Yes “. Then why both of you have your own selfish pursuits and your own ambitions and sometimes secrets too?? You still are physically connected but that doesn’t mean you are in relationship. You both are living in isolation and this life of isolation is termed as relationship as per your dictionary.

Real meaning of relationship

When two people are in relationship there is no isolation and there is love. No duties and responsibilities are present in a relationship. There is only presence of love . Today many families are just for the sake of carrying name and lineage. Most of you tend to use the word family for our gratification only. For Example most of us in business world ruthlessly exploit others and at home we become so kind and caring. Isn’t it contradictory ??  If the pressure from business world is too much then we tend to go home and spend time with family to have peace so that we can fight again.

Thus from the above points we can conclude that most of the relationship are for the purpose of mutual gratification only. If a person does not satisfies me and  we are obviously seeking gratification which further leads to conflicts and in some cases violent behavior. Our mutual gratification leads to the break up. But we tend to lack the one thing we all needed most “love”.

Real meaning of relationship

Relationship signifies self knowledge and self revelation. It is also the revelation of our unpleasant qualities, deficiencies and uncomfortable thoughts. These traits must be accepted fully and necessary action should be undertaken to mend the same. Adopt love and not duties because when there will be love there will be no friction and no conflict.

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