Does love depends on virginity ??


Does love depends on virginity ??

In this post we are going to discuss the relevance of virginity in a relationship. Virginity means without sexual intercourse especially before marriage. Even in today’s modern world virginity is determining relationship status of a couple. The shocking and horrifying fact is that in some cultures in Africa it is still regarded as the topmost priority . After marriage they tend to have a white bed sheet so that they may know whether the girl is a virgin or not.


  • Why do girls or women have to bear the burden of these sick traditions??

This is a common situation around us . virginity is considered a very crucial factor for girls only. Firstly, this must not be the factor at all to determine your relationship. Even if you are giving it importance then why male’s virginity doesn’t become determining factor. Why this inequality??

virginity virginity

  • Most of the males want virgin girls as their bride???

This is an utterly ridiculous demand. Even many of the males are not virgin before marriage. Then why do you demand a virgin girl for you.?? You  yourself have lost yours then why this pressure on girls. The answer is that you want to satisfy your male ego. These type of people are hypocritical and tend to suppress their life partner for their whole. Their male ego is far greater than the love.

  • Virgin spouse will remain faithful for life???

This is one of the greatest myth . Let’s say your spouse was a virgin until marriage, but will it ascertain that He/She will remain faithful afterwards marriage??  Faithfulness is achieved by trust, love and mutual understanding between couples. No physical parameter can determine your faithful nature towards relationship. The more love is between partners the greater is the loyalty and faithfulness. There are numerous example in history that indicates that love has transformed people like sex addict prostitutes etc. into a loyal and faithful partner for whole life.


Last but not least  instead of focusing on these typical physical issues to find your soul mate , focus on developing mutual understanding in between you. Look for your own mirror image in your partner. Find qualities that you lack in your partner so that both of you can complete each other out. Shun your ego. Look for the partner that will stand up with you in your hardships and difficulties. But don’t do the same by verifying others virginity.

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