DO’s and Don’ts food eat before sex

DO’s and Don’ts food eat before sex


  1. Chocolates especially dark ones. Chocolates are go- to good food for sex and good mood. Dark chocolate-covered with strawberries are best ones. It is not just for romance aura but it contains boasting compounds called flavonoids.  Flavonoids act as vasodilators, which mean they help your blood vessels relax. Chocolates also contain some compounds that help in production in the brain’s pleasure.


  1. Drink wine instead of beer. Beer goes in your stomach, full your stomach and you feel burps or uncomfortable belly bloat. As much as drinking alcohol might lower your inhibitions and make ‘feel’ more confident, it actually has a harmful impact on other aspects of sex.


  1. Banana with coffee or tea. The truth is, if you're exercising daily, you really don't need to "fuel up" with extra food. But if you feel more energized when you've eaten beforehand, I suggest having something small, like a piece of fruit. A banana makes the perfect pre-workout snack because it's easy to digest and provides a good amount of potassium, an electrolyte that gets depleted when you sweat during physical exertion. Give your workout an extra boost by having caffeinated coffee or tea before you hit the gym. Caffeine essentially allows you to push yourself harder for longer while you're exercising and decreases perceived muscle pain during the workout. Drink 1 cup of coffee (or 2 cups of tea) at least a half-hour before your workout to allow the caffeine time to absorb and work its magic.

  2. Instead of French fries eat baked potato, Potatoes are relatively easy to digest but it's the oil they're fried in that can get you into trouble. That's because fat takes its time to empty out of the stomach, making you feel full and uncomfortable for a while after eating. Baked potatoes a sweet potato have extra nutrients.

  3. Eat fish or chicken but not eat Red meat. An 8-ounce piece of meat triggers you because of its foul-smell and causes gas problems. So, avoid it before sex. Generally, fish or chicken easy to digest as compared to meat.

  4. Strawberries have their own sexuality. To its color, to its taste. Sucking strawberries after dinner sounds like dinner treat. It helps in tummy problems and easily helps to digest food.

  5. Avoid Tofu: sex-drive stealer for men and women. It doesn't matter how it's prepared -- if sex is on the table, you shouldn't eat tofu beforehand. In fact, some studies have shown that eating tofu the night before a sexual encounter can actually increase estrogen levels in both men and women. Soya products in general are known to pump up estrogen production and this added estrogen in your bloodstream is not something you want if you plan to have a carnal night of passion.

  6. Seafood and Oysters: It contains zinc that is diet rich and can increase sperm count and sexual potency in men, while also keeping women’s ovaries healthy.

  7. Mint: It helps you fell fresh! Helps to increase stamina.

  8. Energy drinks say don’t. It causes many health complications in stomach.

  9. Avoid beans: Directly says no to beans. Beans contain a sugar that is not digestible. They hit your stomach you are sure to puff up.

  10. Say no to cheese: 75% of people in the world are lactose intolerant. Since most of us have trouble breaking down dairy products like cheese and milk—because they contain the enzyme lactase—you might want to skip having pizza at night if you'd like to avoid gas and bloating later.

  11. Artificial sweeteners avoid them: They zero calories so hard to digest. Say no to them.

  12. Do not eat Broccoli, cauliflowers and cabbage at night not in your dinner or in your salads. Instead of them eat salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms — they're all quite a bit safer. 

  13. Avocados: Yes! These are best to eat. They can quickly break down protein and give you that immediate, long-lasting, and healthy energy boost you need for sexual stamina.


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