Discipline- Alternative Definition


In this post we are going to discuss about discipline and to what extent can it help you. Disciples are  basically the set of principles adopted by certain individuals, groups or communities to transform yourself into a meaningful individual. It basically teaches you to have a meaningful life and a life build on ethical principles. Is it really true? Does  the practice of discipline really frees you from physical, mental or spirituals deformities? The principles of discipline are arduously designed by various saints and sages . Let’s take an example . Suppose you want to get rid of greed. You will likely follow certain principles prescribed by saints and sages . You will be following those principles irrespective of your attitude and  your stance on discipline. But desire to get rid of greed isn’t itself signifies greed ?  You want to get rid of certain attitude and to that you are certainly adopting the same attitude without knowing of it.

Discipline basically asks you to suppress your emotions ,feelings and your own tendency or stance towards something. In short it indirectly becomes the practice of becoming the person you are not. Discipline leads to suppression and resistance of your own self. Can such a practice be favorable to you? In most of the cases people tell me that discipline teaches them and  what they are today is  due to the following of  discipline. The truth when you begin practicing discipline you initiate a war between you and some principles. This finally results in a new person who appears to be certain person on the outside but different from inside. In some cases even it make him fragile after a very long time.

The real life example is your children. When they are born many parents tend to think that their son or daughter will become an engineer or doctor. The kid hasn’t even spend few days on the planet and the aim and discipline  required to achieve the same has already been formulated. Be the friend not dictator. Shape the thinking of your children instead of molding them with your own thinking.

So, the question now arises is should we abandon discipline. The answer is Yes and No. Yes, because you must abandon the principles adopted by others. You don’t need to follow the same principles as the other person have. Develop your own understanding and analyze the principles given to you. Adopt if you feel right . To practice this you must have a independent thinking . Abdicate all other principles given to you by religious societies or modify them as per your understanding. The reason for abandoning discipline is that you must follow your own principles. What will be the use of the developing thinking and principles that are not applied in your daily life.

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