Psychic advisors: what red flags should you avoid?

As much as you would like to be an honest person and live your life in the best way that you can, there are just some people who would test your patience and belief in the goodness in humanity. Sadly, these kinds of people exist in the world of psychic advisors and clairvoyants. There are times that you just want the best online readers at with what you are going through and some people will take advantage of your weakness.

In this article, we have listed down the red flags that you need to note in case you are looking for a psychic reader to help you with your situation. With these tips, you can make sure that the person you will trust to read your innermost thoughts do not exist to pounce at you the moment you bare yourself to them.

  1. Frauds

Frauds when it comes to psychic readers and advisors may come in different forms. They can be a simple communication through email. You can try to avoid this by looking for a reader suggested by a really close friend or someone you really trust. Try to ask yourself several questions when you happen to stumble upon an email saying that they are very well-known psychic advisors: Do you feel a certain connection? Do you feel that emanate a good personality while reading their email? If they have a website, do you see feedbacks and testimonials from their clients? Try to search for them over the internet, check for any negative feedbacks or any records about their line of business. A good psychic reader is not afraid to post their information online so they would not appear shady or ambiguous to a possible client. Make sure to conduct a small research first before responding to their contact with you.

  1. Scams

We are well aware that psychic is a profession and there is a certain fee that you need to pay to access their service. Some people, even though they are not licensed to be in this kind of profession, use this line of business to scam money out of people. They would pose as a legitimate psychic advisor and would lure customers and clients with advice and readings that may not even have a concrete basis. Once they are done getting your money, they will move or skip to another place where nobody knows them and will do the same business. This is unfair for clients and customers who simply want to seek an advice from a professional psychic reader. These kinds of scammer will trick you when during your most vulnerable time, when you are asking for guidance when you are either, sad, stressed or depressed. The other bad thing about this is you did not achieve the guidance that you need and they took your hard earned money away from you.

  1. Fake curses and bad luck spells

A con artist posing as a psychic reader may pretend that they sense a dark presence setting around you. They will pretend to read and ask some questions to get information out of you and will relay that there is really a bad luck that is affecting your normal life. This then will cause you to want to have the bad luck lifted, and would ask you to make a payment before doing anything to lift the curse. Most of the time, they will ask for you to come back for several sessions that may require an increase in the payment because the “bad luck” simply will not leave you. Some of them may sell pieces of items or artifacts amounting to a huge sum of money which you can take home to avoid the curse.

  1. Love potions

We all know that not all of us are lucky when it comes to love. Some of us will resort to asking for guidance and advice from psychic readers. Unlike the one we have listed above, the scam psychic reader will tell you that they can cast a spell that will attract the person you will fall in love with, or bring your ex-lover back to you. These con-artists are good with making you believe that what they will offer you is effective so you should be really careful if you happen to cross your path with them. This kind of scam will only bring your hopes up then have it go downward spiral with you spending a good amount of money away.

  1. Cure for diseases and illnesses

If you are seeking assistance and advice from psychics when it comes to an illness, be wary and careful with the people you will be talking to. They will offer sessions after sessions of therapy under the pretense of having you illness being healed. It is unethical to inform a patient that a session is a one hundred percent cure. Another thing that you need to note is the outrageous fees that they charge during the sessions that they will have with you. It is not reasonable and there is no assurance that you will be healed. Although legitimate psychic readers can give you a sensible counseling with regards to your illness, it is always better to ask for professional medical advice from doctors and practitioners.

Remember that there are individuals who spent years after years of studying and honing their crafts and skills. They will not jeopardize their career to give you false hopes and information that will and may affect you in a negative way. Just be very careful when it comes to choosing a psychic you will put your trust on. Psychic scams will not only rob you with your hard-earned money and time, they will also be a harmful effect on your emotional and spiritual well-being.

We hope that this list helped you when it comes to psychic readers because we are not only talking about your finances, but also your emotional state since they gave guidance and assistance in times that you are most vulnerable and unsure.


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