The Secret of how to become GOD, YOU CAN ?

You can become God and can become even the master of God provide you follow 1 condition.
That condition is that you should never think that you are God. Take this case of lord Hanuman.
He became God and attain even the power of creation of world.
Brahma sutras say that the soul may attained all the powers except this one power.
But lord Hanuman, as an exceptional case attain even that power & became exactly Lord.
But He always think that He is the servant of the Lord. Radha became the queen of Goloka, which is just above the Brahma Loka.
The Lord sits in Brahma Loka and her feet are above in the head of the Lord.
The Lord is in the form of Krishna also pressed her feet.
The Lord applies  the dust of the feet of Gopika on His forehead.
Therefore, Radha became the master of the Lord. But still Radha feels that she is the only the most beloved servant of the Lord.

This is the correct method route of becoming the God or even greater than God. But if you think that you are the Lord already, such route are not correct and then you will not attain even a trace of the grace of the Lord. Only demons thought that they are the Lord and some demons thought that even they are greater than the Lord. You cannot achieve the fruits by this path of egoism and sanctioning yourself as the Lord already. lord Hanuman killed the devils and demons. What  it mean? It means that the concept of lord Hanuman will remove the concept of egoism of devils and demons by which one thinks that he is already God.


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