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Sex – Homo Sexuality – Spirituality


The most important thing is that everyone should know that the concept of sex should not be magnified and should not be given over attention. Sex is a biological need of the body like hunger and thirst. It is a biological issu…

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Real Meaning of Meditation

Meditation meaning

People say that meditation is sitting with perfect silence without any process of thought. Such a contention is meaningless because it virtually amounts to a nice sleep only. These people further misinterpret that such a meditation is concentra…

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Mantras and their healing power for remedies

The science of mantras is a result of research and hard work by Indian scholars and sages. Mantras, meditation and astrology go hand in hand. 

The mantra is a means to achieve a desired aim with the help of devotion and perseverance. Mantra i…

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Relation between Priests, Lord and YOU



God Priest and Devotee

The devotion or love to the God involves both sides that is, your love on God and God’s love on you. The second love comes only when there is first love. For the first love the worship of statue or photo is helpful. For th…

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Human Love (vs) Fatherly Love of God

Love of God

The Supreme Lord (God) is the father of all the souls. Your love on another human being is only brotherly love and is conditional.
The love of god is far greater and unconditional than humanly love. You are criticizing your father for punishin…

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OSHO’s famous first letter in 1963

I am for those who need me – nothing in my life is for myself.

Weep so much that only the tears remain, not you.
If the tears alone remain and he who weeps vanishes
then God comes by himself.


That alone is the path and that…

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How to generate Positive Karma for yourself, 3 types & effects

positive karma

Karma is the act, work or deed that affects our future life and also, our life in the next birth. There are three types of Karma : Sanchita, Prarabdha, Aagami.
Sanchita Karma is the one you carry from multiple past lives (includes both posit…

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The Secret of how to become GOD, YOU CAN ?

You can become God and can become even the master of God provide you follow 1 condition.
That condition is that you should never think that you are God. Take this case of lord Hanuman.
He became God and attain even the power of creat…

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Significance of Early Morning Worship or Meditation

The Time before early morning, before sunrise is called Brahma Muhurtham, which mean that it is the time to worship God. At that time, all the people are in deep sleep and nobody will disturb you.
The atmosphere is also sacred because the vibra…

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