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Introduction to Numerology


Numerology is the ancient science of numbers where each number contributes to a unique vibration the life . Numerology can uncover the destiny and can enlighten what you are you are going to face in your life.  This ancient science has been men…

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Find Your Life Path Number in Numerology

Life path number is one of the most crucial number in numerology. This number signifies about your nature and what kind of life you will lead. This number in numerology will determine the path you are d…

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Destiny number in numerology plays a crucial role in determining the career path you are likely to choose. This number in numerology also helps you in identifying the career in which you are likely to be successful . This number is determined by …

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Karmic Debt Numbers in Numerology


Numerology is based on the ancient idea that each of us is a spiritual being, or a soul, who incarnates on the earth many times in order to further evolve toward higher states of awareness.
During our long evolutionary path of ma…

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Birth Numbers reveal our Love Attitude

birth numbers and love

What does our birth numbers reveal about our attitude and capability in Love ?

Calculate your birth number by adding digits in your date of birth and finding their single digit total.
For Example : If you are born on 29th of any month or ye…

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Numerological Years and fadic numbers which bring major changes

The year of birth decides which years will bring major changes in a person’s life.

Example : let us take an example of a person born in 1981.

1+9+8+1 = 19

now add this to the year of birth
1981 + 19 = 2000

Thus year 2000 wil…

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Should I change my name – phonetically, alphabetically or mantrically?

One of the basic queries which come to mind – particularly when we want to go for name change is that – would this really change my luck?

It is believed that the name given to a person comes naturally to his/her parents or caretakers from th…

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Finding Soulmate through Numerology

Searching out there for that special someone to light your fire and make your heart skip a beat? Exploring your options for a soul mate can be a short or long journey depending on numerous factors and conditions. However, a quick way to detect a soul…

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