Utkatasana Yoga

Utkatasana Yoga

Utkatasana Yoga is another beneficial exercise of hatha yoga. It might be simple to sit on a chair but trying to do the same on a virtual chair is relatively difficult. Utkatasana Yoga means a very intense or a very powerful posture. The only requirement of this asana is stay as long as possible. Therefore , determination is what matters the most.


Utkatasana Yoga is  a very easy to learn. Within few days of practice you can master the technique.

  • Stand erect and make sure to keep your feet a little apart.

  • Stretch your hands forward in such a way that your palms face downwards. But don’t bend your elbows.

  • Bend your knees and slowly and gently push your pelvis down. It is similar as if sitting on a chair.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable try to be . You just have to imagine as if sitting on a chair with your arms straight.

  • Utkatasana Yoga

  • Make sure to keep your hands parallel to the ground and don’t bend or tilt your arms while doing this pose.

  • Keep your back straight and lengthen your spine.

  • Utkatasana Yoga

  • Keep breathing normally and slowly . Try to tale deep breaths.

  • Keep sitting deeper to the extent that you don’t go beyond your toes. You just have to sit and not sit on your toes as it would reduce the pressure on thighs.

  • Finally when you have pushed yourself to the maximum limit sit down in Sukhasana or cross- legged pose.

  • You can also lie on your back and relax if you want.

  • Another variation of Parivrtta Utkatasama is by bending your knees and lowering your back in front and subsequently twisting your spine sideways.

  • [caption id="attachment_530" align="aligncenter" width="765"]Parivrtta Utkatasama Parivrtta Utkatasama[/caption]

  • Repeat on both sides.

  • Utkatasana Yoga Benefits

  • Great for spine, chest, thigh and hips muscles.

  • Strengthens lower back and torso.

  • Tones the thigh , ankle leg and knee muscles.

  • Balances body and induces determination and patience of mind.

  • Maintains your posture.

  • Prevent you from future slip disc problems and backaches.

  • Great for the person’s who have sedentary jobs as it rejuvenates your spine.

  • Cautions

  • Persons with chronic knee pain, arthritis, sprained ankle or any serious knee problems or damaged ligaments should refrain.

  • Do it gently and slowly with special care if the person concerned is menstruating .

  • People with lower back pain should take special care .

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