Eka Pada Bakasana Prep

Eka Pada Bakasana Prep

In this post we are going to discuss eka pada bakasana prep ( preparation) steps needed to accomplish this asana. This asana is a hatha yoga that highly boosts your arm balancing capability. It is a difficult asana and will require immense patience, strength, awareness and time. This asana can be mastered only after weeks of practice and dedication. It do seem very difficult but is very beneficial for whole body.


  • Start the pose by  taking the form of  bakasana.

  • Try to stabilize in bakasana and make sure to balance your whole body.

  • As soon as you begin to feel stabilize in Bakasana , start squeezing you right knee close to your midline.

  • Also engage your feet by pointing your big toe actively backwards.

  • Shift more weight on the left arm and move your right leg off your right arm in such a way that your right knee in towards your torso .

  • Try to stabilize yourself and as soon as you feel stable with your right knee bent off start hugging in towards the midline and extend your right leg back.

  • Hold yourself as long as possible and initially it would be for few seconds but if possible try to reach 10-15 seconds.

  • Slowly come back down in the squatting position.


  • Benefits


    • Strengthens your body core muscles.

    • Strengthens your wrists, arms, back and shoulders.

    • Reduces reaction time of an individual by coordinating all the muscles.

    • Boosts confidence and maintains body balance,

    • Strengthens biceps, triceps and forearms .

    • Enhances blood circulation through whole body.

    • Great for stamina and immunity booster.


    • Precautions



      • People who have severe injuries in their wrists and forearms or have gone any sought of surgeries should refrain.

      • Pregnant ladies (> 3 months) should also refrain this practice.

      • People with very high bold pressure should also refrain.

      • People with Arthritis should  do with great care.









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