Different ways to celebrate Valentine Week

Different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day, which falls on 14 February, an occasion where people express their love for someone close to them - lovers, friends, and family members. It was a jovial holiday marked by candy hearts, red and pink socks and writing notes to friends. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the ones you love. We offer ten ways to do just that-without breaking your bank account just think out of the box.
A walk on the beach or a horse, depending on your climate, would be the perfect start to your celebration.
Give an alternative bouquet; Roses may be the symbol of love, but try something different. If your lover is down with non-traditional presents, try substituting roses! You can give flowers but with a different kind of "bouquet." Send a potted plant, a bonsai or even a miniature tree to him/her. 
If she has a sweet tooth, send her a candy bouquet, and if you are good with crafts, make flower bouquet using origami.
 You can made handmade cards or you can easily buy handmade cards with photos of your love ones.
Spending more time together. Spending whole day with each other at home is quite good specially for working people.
       6.    Hide post-it love notes in filmy style. Make it more creative, by writing their favorite dialogues   from movies. 
       7.  Find something fun, new and exciting to do with one another to spice things up. Do something new together, some adventurous stuff.
      8. You can bake cake for your partner or cook something and arrange candle light dinner.
      9. You can watch movie at home. Simple and sweet way to show your love to your lover.
      10. Looking for a gift that is little different from chocolates and teddy bears?

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