Forehead predictions


Forehead predictions

In this post we are going to discuss about the various interpretations you can deduce by studying the forehead of an individual. The forehead of the person reveals a great deal of information that is very crucial to identify the characteristics of an individual. The forehead is divided  into three parts the perceptive or seeing ; the reflective or reasoning and the comparative or the critical. The lowest part of forehead i.e. near the eyes is called the perceptive part. Center of the forehead contains organs of memory and comparison and the upper part of the forehead form the reasoning or reflective part.


  • If the forehead appears to be largest and fullest directly over the eyes and eyes appears to be very deep this signifies that the person is shrewd and observant individual.
  • If the upper part of the forehead slopes backwards then there is lack of thought . These kind of person tend to be impulsive and therefore they mostly act on the spur of the moment. His impulses would be undoubtedly correct but the person would be unable to give an explanation for the same course of action.
  • If the forehead bulges out at the top and runs under near the eyes then the person would be highly imaginative and would always dwell on the imaginative ideas . They quickly jump to conclusion and they tend to imagine negative aspects in the situation.
  • If the forehead bulges to a great extent that signifies that the person is easily trapped in despair and sadness. They tend to make a great deal of small problems that can be easily accomplished.


  • If the forehead is square then this type of person is evenly balanced and tend to be practical and takes all decisions after studying all the facts.

So this was all about forehead predictions . In the next post we are going to discuss other essential  body parts that can reveal great deal of information 

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