Eyebrow Predictions

Eyebrow Predictions

In this post we are going to discuss about the eyebrows predictions. Eyebrows reveal a great deal of information to you and they can be  easily interpreted. The  observation of eyebrows will took you few seconds and you can easily understand the nature of an individual.

  • If the eyebrows are straight then it signifies that the person is very calm and can easily manage his temper.
  • The eyebrows are spread unevenly and bushy and therefore spread in all the directions then these types of person have very irritable temper and they cannot manage and keep their temper in control.

The agitated mind  charges the hair of an individual and therefore more the agitated the person is more the charge and it stiffens the hair of eyebrow.

  • Eyebrows that are greatly elevated indicate the lack of perception and practicality.
  • Straight eyebrows indicate masculine element of character whereas arched eyebrows denotes softer and feminine temperament .
  • Long eyebrows indicate mathematical abilities .
  • When there is great space between eyebrow and eye at the outer corner it denotes a great love of pleasure.
  • When eyebrow sinks in the center it indicates jealousy , bitterness and sometimes revenge too.
  • When the eyebrow descends at the outer corner nearly meeting the eye it signifies contest and ambition to excel and if the eye is full underneath it signifies that the subject is fond of argument and discussion.
  • When the eyebrows juts down to into the nose it signifies dishonest and deceiving nature of the person.

The persons whose eyebrows meet near the nose as talked about in the last point possess the tendency to lie. But that doesn’t mean he will always lie to you. You should remain cautious from them.

So, this was all about eyebrows in the next post we will be discussing about other body parts and their significance.

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