What is Vaastu Shastra and its scientific validity—- revealed


Vaastu is a s Sanskrit word meaning  “ the science of structures”. It is based on ancient and traditional principles that deals in the construction and designing  of home/buildings with  its synchronization to the natural laws of universe. Its main aim is maintain the energy flow in a house thereby making the house beneficial.  Everything in this materialistic world is ultimately a field of energy. As we all know that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Vaastu tends to maintain this flow of energy. Every object/furniture/music has its own field of  subtle energy. Vaastu is the science of working with these fields of energies  so that they can be used to develop a perfect structure synchronous to the natural  laws.


Vaastu also relates to the interior decoration and surrounding landscape too. It also describes the favorable orientation of window and  door location, color schemes , symbols and arts. It also deals with the position of plants and soils to be used for the same. Vaastu is the meaningful understanding between mind and nature. Vaastu treats the dwelling to be a life force. Its main aim is to create a structure that vibrates with the nature. It is based on vedic mathematics and every habitat is individualized. Feng Shui doesn’t  incorporate this depth.

Vaastu is obtained from the Vedas . The Vedas are one of the most powerful and abundant knowledge source known to the mankind. They briefly indicate the importance of balance of forces. They also provide us the information about the complex  interaction of mind and body which is very slowly verified  modern scientific community .

Vaastu also incorporates the principles of astrology and ayurveda(lifestyle medicine). Astrology deals with the science of stars and planets and teaches us about the principle that affect and govern the physical and mental aspects . Ayurveda  teaches us about the physical ,psychological and physiological make up of these forces. All three combined  help  in developing a perfect home for you in accordance with the universe.

Last but not least many great scientist such as  Jonathan Lipman and Alarik Arenander have already testified the Vaastu principles  via their research. There are numerous research paper available that can be easily  obtained just by typing “vaastu research paper” on Google. These research paper successfully testifies the validity of vaastu shastra and its effects on our physical and mental health.

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