Vastu Interior Design


Vastu interior design plays a very crucial role for creating a harmonious and peaceful environment in an architecture. Vastu interior design helps in generating an overall sense of well being for both the persons your guest as well as you. Vastu interior design includes the principles of height and weight and also the location of five basic elements i.e. air, water, earth , sun and ether. When you use vastu interior design  you will become aware of  the subtle energies operating within and around you. These principles helps in the flow of positive energy in the house.

Vastu interior design

Vastu interior design principles help you to guide your choices pertaining to colors, materials , textures, furniture and arrangements. The various combinations are shown below in the subsequent figures.

Vastu Interior Design

Following points should be considered for the vastu interior design.


  • Sun (East): Light, bright, clear. Warm colors such as red, yellow, gold, and orange.
  • Venus (Southeast): All colors. A rainbow like effect, pastels, light blues, pinks, light flowery variegated colors. Avoid dark and heavy colors, which are too bright and penetrating.
  • Mars (South): Red and fiery colors, darker hues and opaque tones, pure or jet black. Avoid gray, brown, blue, green, and very transparent bright colors like yellow.
  • Rahu (Southwest): Colors very similar to those of Jupiter and Sun. Bright yellow, gold, orange and transparent.

Vastu interior design

  • Saturn (West): Dark blue, brown, gray, and black. But don’t use in excess—they will strengthen the negative effects of Saturn. Blend with lighter shades of blue, brown, or black.
  • Moon (Northwest): White, light and somewhat bright shades of other colors such as blue, green and pink. Avoid dark and cloudy colors, particularly dark gray and black.
  • Mercury (North): Use emerald green or neutral shades of green, blue, gray, and brown. Avoid red, orange, and dark colors.
  • Jupiter (Northeast): Use yellow, orange, and gold; clear, bright, and transparent colors. Avoid dark colors and strong shades like red, blue, violet, and purple.
  • Ketu (Northeast): Colors are like those for Sun. Red, orange, and yellow; bright, fiery, penetrating, and transparent. Avoid opaque or whitish-tinged colors as well as dark or cloudy colors.

Below is the elemental principles used to guide your section of furniture materials and fabrics.

Vastu Interior Design

  • Southeast: Wrought iron and lighter kinds of wood
  • South: Wrought iron
  • Southwest: Heavy wood
  • Northwest: Light wood and rattan
  • Northeast: Light rattan, light wood, glass tabletops
  • For North, East, and West use combinations of the adjoining directions.

Photographs,  pictures , paintings and other decorative materials should be proportionate to area. Make sure that these materials should give a sense of pleasant memories such as nature scenes , your religion and family pictures.

Placements of the wall hangings should be as shown in the figure below.

Vastu Interior Design


So this was all about vastu interior design. Apply them in your life and keep your house calm and peaceful.

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