Vain efforts but why???

In this post we are going to discuss the significance of efforts in our life. We always have heard that efforts  generally accompany hard work . Efforts tend to deliver results . The more efforts you do the better  you can gain in your life. Yet, plethora of people are likely to fail in their efforts and therefore they lose the chances of their success too. Have you ever thought why do you do rigorous efforts and why are they tough to incorporate in our lives. Efforts arise from the struggle. That’s true . The more you struggle in life and the more miseries you suffer the greater is the effort  required to come out of it. That’s right efforts are always accompanied  by struggle in life. Also, the more efforts you give the more struggle you will face in certain cases. For example Let’s say a person X has promoted in his company to manager position. Now it is great achievement on his part but the efforts , struggle and responsibility now increases too.


Plethora of people fail every year . The reason is because they didn’t gave their best efforts . This is all known to us. But majority of people fail because they were trying to accomplish something they were not meant for. Many of us try to achieve what we are not meant for. Our lack of interests in our wok has created lot of confusion and miseries for others. For Example Many of us shift our career just because in the other career there are numerous opportunities. We don’t  intend to have any interest in that career but still we give up our own for the sake of good fortune. That’s one of the major reasons for our efforts going in vain.

So, to reduce your struggle the foremost step should be that you must identify your interest . Do the work which you like the most because in that case your efforts will not incorporate struggle with them. Similar situation occurs when somebody is in love. There are no efforts or struggle in your relationship. In your career you fall in love with your career and wherever there is love there is no effort and no struggle.

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