Vaastu tips for students to avoid exam stress

Vaastu for StudentsHow do your kids prepare for exams? Do you find them getting  stressed up?
Do you find that their concentration is taking a backseat?
Are they fretting and fuming at you all the time?

Do they say ‘I can’t remember the things I study‘?
Do they get a mind block when they try to study?

Does all this stress you too?

As the exams get nearer, you (and the teachers too) tend to constantly advise the youngsters to study better and harder so that they excel in their performance. You tell your child that he or she has to study more and more, or else he or she may not even pass the exam. This only over-stresses the child and makes him or her dread the exams.

It is necessary that the child is relaxed and does not feel the strain of studying. At the same time he/she should be able to assimilate comfortably whatever he/she studies without getting all stressed up. Too much motivation can stress the young mind and can cause much more harm than benefit.

Some simple Vaastu (and other) guidelines, as follow, can contribute to better concentration of your children, avoid exam stress and make them write their exams with confidence.

Vaastu rules to help in avoiding exam stress :

1. Never sleep with the head to the west and north.

2. Never sleep in the northwest sector of the house or northwest part of the room (if the child is a boy).

3. Never sleep in the southeast sector of the house or southeast part of the room (if the child is a girl).

4. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom.

5. Avoid mirrors on the south and west walls of the study area.

6. Study facing east or north.

7. Keep the study table and study area extremely clean without dumping books and papers around.

8. Have the study area in the northeast sector of the home or the northeast part of the room.

9. Have a lukewarm shower before going to bed if stressed up.

10.Try to have a fish aquarium, water fountain or half a dozen bamboo plants in the northeast area of the living room (where the family gets together) but never in the corner.

11. Make liberal use of green and yellow color (dark and light shades) in the bedroom and study areas. These colors can be used on bed linen, study’s tablecloth, indoor plants (herbal), floor mats, curtains, pillow covers, clothes, etc.

12. While dining, face east if the child is a girl and north if the child is a boy.

13. Occupy the same place and orient to the same direction each day to build up the child’s good aura in the study area.

14. Never allow others to make use of the child’s study area and bedroom.

15. Eat a few leaves of the Basil plant each morning on an empty stomach.

16. Never play loud music that can cause distraction and gradually stress.

17. Have soft music at low volumes in the bedroom during night.It can be the Gayatri Mantra too.

18. Avoid sleeping or studying in a room that has the door at an angle to the attached walls.

19. Do not force the child to study on fullmoon or newmoon days and if possible avoid these 2 days along with the days before and after these days.
These 6 days in a month were called as Avidya Din(non-educational days) in ancient India and students were asked to play but not study.
Taking break for 6 days in a month will improve the child's concentration in remaining 24 days.

Tell your child that you are there to support him or her and always make encouraging comments on the child’s positive points. Never ever make the mistake of advising or commenting on the child’s weaknesses while the child is at the dining table. Make them feel that you love them.

Allow them to have some relaxation like playing sports and listening to music or take them out to a restaurant without compelling them.

Don’t promise rewards to your children for the outcome of the exams.Instead during the period of preparation give them small gifts appreciating their efforts. Tell them they are indeed hardworking and intelligent. Give them encouraging suggestions and make them feel that your support is there for them always.

Encourage (but never force) them to exercise, meditate and relax. Avoid anything that is likely to distract your child in the study area — be it the visual or audio media.

The above Vaastu tips will definitely help in making your child a stress-free leader!

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