Vaastu tips for Bedroom and Improved Sexual Relations

Vaastu for Bedroom and Sexual RelationsAlthough everyone knows that good sexual relations are a foundation of a successful marriage, many couples neglect the way their bedrooms look.

Many of them make it appear like a mini-store room.
There are few things to be maintained and few to be avoided in the bedroom to maintain the romantic vibrations.

Also this place is meant for 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep, so that a person remains active throughout the whole day.

Few Important Vaastu Tips for Bedroom

  • Bed should never be in the middle of the room. It should always have a strong wall support at one end (where heads rest) and this strengthens the relations between couple.
  • Always prefer a wooden bed or a cot over a metal one. Metals like steel, iron, aluminium lead to ego clashes among couples and ultimately may end up in divorce.
  • Never place a mirror in bedroom in such a way that your sleeping reflection is seen in it.
    If you still want to have a mirror in bedroom, make sure that reflection of bed is not seen in it from any angle or it is covered while sleeping.
    Avoid dressing tables etc too in bedrooms.
  • Avoid pictures or photo frames of your ancestors, deceased people, gods, goddesses etc on bedroom walls.
    They take away the romantic vibrations.
    Instead have a pleasant painting of nature, waterfall etc or a romantic couple.
  • Bedroom should have bright colors like Red, orange, pink,etc to enhance the mood.
  • Lighting should be 2-way. Use dim lighting in romantic moments and during other moments have bright lighting.
  • If you have no option other than to have photo frames on walls or unnecessary furniture or storage material, then atleast try to have a partition between them and your bed.
  • Sleeping with head towards South increases sexual satisfaction and induces deep sleep.
  • Sleeping with head towards West is also good for sexual relations and sleep.
  • Sleeping with head towards East causes irritation among partners.
  • Sleeping with head towards North should always be avoided.
  • Always wear light colored clothes while sleeping (avoid dark colored ones)
  • Never use black, or dark blue curtains in bedroom as they will lead to ego clashes among couples. Always use pink, lavender and similar romantic colors.

Note : Most important is to understand that Bedroom is different than store room.

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