Ustrasana Yoga

Ustrasana Yoga

Ustrasana Yoga

Ustrasana Yoga is one of the asana of hatha yoga. Ustra means camel and asana means posture or pose. It is an intermediate level back bending yoga that induces flexibility and open Anahata ( Heart Chakra). Some people might find it difficult to backbend in the beginning but after few weeks of practice you will be comfortable with this asana. After this asana, pulse rate will increase considerably and your breathing  should be deep and slow.


  • Kneel on the yoga mat and place hands on your hips.

  • Your sole of the feet should face ceiling and knees should in straight line towards your shoulder.

  • Slowly inhale and draw your tailbone towards your pubis .

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  • Slowly bend yourself towards the back in such a way that your hand palms touch the sole of your feet.

  • Ustrasana Yoga

  • Keep your neck in a neutral position in such a way that you don’t experience any sought of strain .

  • Take some deep breaths and stay in the pose for 1 minute initially .Breathe out slowly and come out of the pose .

  • Slowly bend forward so that your head is again in line with your knees .


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  • After straightening up withdraw your hands and stand straight .

  • You can place a cushion in below your knees if your knees feels pain.

  • Ustrasana Yoga Benefits

  • Cures digestive disorders and constipation.

  • Stretches body and strengthen your back and shoulder.

  • Relieve lower ache in the body.

  • Improves and induces flexibility in the body.

  • Great exercise for person with spine problems and prevents slip disc.

  • Overcomes menstrual discomfort.

  • Cautions

  • People with severe back or spine injury should refrain from this exercise .

  • Low or high blood pressure patients should perform this asana in the presence of instructor.

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