Truth becomes lie ---revealed

In this post allspirituals is going to discover how truth becomes lie. Truth is reality and reality is what happens before you. Even truth for some may seem to be a lie to another . If you can feel God or see him then it’s truth for you but for  someone else you might be  a liar and your truth now takes the form of a lie. Words  are what binding us together . These are what helps us in defining every aspect of life. These symbols are what have developed  us to the present  stage . But that doesn’t mean that symbols always empower us. They might be fatal in one way or another. For example the politics and religion organization like ISIS has tend misinterpret the holy words and they have destroyed the meaning of religion. Also, words are not truth at all. As per Krshnamurthy , truth can never be repeated. He was right in every aspect towards defining truth . Truth can never  be repeated but now you might be wondering  that you people are hearing the truth every day. But the fact is you are not hearing truth you are just hearing the words. Words can be repeated not the truth. Truth  doesn’t have multiple meanings. Even in holy books there are words that are being brought to us . Truth is now a day’s lost in between words.  Now you might be confused .  Let me demonstrate with an example . Quran is a holy book and it has enlightened many souls in the past . But some religious leader have misinterpreted the words and this lead to the formation of ISIS. So that signifies that words can be modified but not the truth.

So how can we interpret whether the orator is giving you the truth or not. You cannot ensure the truth   completely  as you are not encountering the events directly . But by carefully listening to him you can get to the truth . You might be now thinking that listening what you do every day .  But my point is your listening is biased. For Example : let’s talk  about a ‘knife’ . Person A might be thinking  that it is used for cutting  vegetable and person B will be thinking that it is used for murdering.  Listening should be unbiased . As soon as I say ‘knife’ you mustn’t form mental picture of my attitude in your mind. You should form mental image only after completion of mu sentences. It might seem an easy task but try it yourself . Just listen to anybody without forming any mental picture. The day you stopped being a biased listener , you will notice that your wisdom will be enhanced to a great level and you will be able to differentiate between truth and lie.

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