Sun (Apollo) Line – Fame, Luck and Wealth

Sun or Apollo Line in PalmistryThe sun or apollo line is a sister line to the fate line.
Sun line’s presense gives a boost to the existing fate line. A strong sun line will always compensate for a weak or non existent fate line.
It starts in mount of moon and ends near the base of apollo (ring) finger.

A sun line from wrist till the head line indicates luck and fame at very young age.
Sun line between head line and heart line indicates luck between teenage and late 30s.
Sun line between heart line and ring finger’s base indicates that the person will attain fame from his 40s and will continue till end of his life.(this is present in many famous peoples' palms)

A strong sun line can be possesed by many well known people in the field of arts, music and writers. The sun line shows a love of all the creative arts and things of beauty. This line can also indicate the possibility of wealth without working, like inherited money or perhaps winning the lottery and also happiness and good fortune.
If this line is absent ,it shows that the person may have all kind of excellent qualities, but their life will be lived unrecognised . Many palms do not show this line until halfway up the up the the hand. This may mean that the person will finally get the recognition that they deserve in the second half of their lives.

Without the sun line, a person leads an ordinary life, without any name and fame. Usually fate line indicates the luck of a person, but he can be lucky without a fate line, if he has a deep, straight and unbroken, uncut sun line.

Star on sun line indicates heavy positive energy which will burst at that age(where it is present), giving the person fame which will last even after his death.
Islands on sun line indicate depressing periods, Scissors indicate obstacles in career path, dots indicate enemies who are jealous of your fame.

  • Sun line descending from the base of the ring finger to a little above the wrist : Lucky person
  • Without a sun line: No name and fame and wealth
  • Sun line ends at heart line: Generous person
  • Sun line ends at the head line: Scholar, wise and intelligent
  • Sun line ends at fate line: Popularity at that age
  • Sun line goes towards Saturn mount : Bad name
  • Double sun line bending towards Saturn : Bad sign like the previous one
  • A good fate line but a small or no sun line :will live well but no reputation
  • Sun line ends at life line : A famous person
  • Sun line goes to moon mount : A popular leader, singer, actor etc
  • Sun line goes to the Secondary Mars : A high ranked military or police officer
  • Sun line stops at the plain of mars : The person needs to struggle for prosperity
  • Sun line divides like a fork at start or end : A happy and wealthy life
  • Sun line looks like a chain : Obstacles in the education, fame etc
  • Gaps on sun line : Jack of all trades, but master of none
  • Cross on sun line : Very bad sign indicating downfall and loss of reputation, depression
  • Star sign on the sun line : Very lucky to get help from friends
  • Island sign on sun line : Troubles in reputation and wealth
  • Wavy sun line : Learned person but unwise
  • A line from primary mars cutting the sun line : May become a subject of cheating by relatives
  • A line from venus cutting the sun line : Troubles from opposite sex
  • A line from mercury cutting the sun line : Abundance of wit, but unsteady mind
  • Sun line descends from the mount of sun and ends at the bracelet line : Lucky in gambling or betting
  • A black dot on sun line : Disreputation
  • Rectangle on the sun line : Savings of money
  • A line from sun line goes to mount of saturn : income in multiple ways
  • A short and crossed sun line : Flickering minded
  • Triangle formed at intersection of sun line with head line(20-40 age) or heart line(40+ age) : International fame at that age

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