Strengthen your Relationship

In this post we are going to discuss about relationship and how can we strengthen it. Generally , in the beginning of the new relationship many people complains that their partner is not cooperating with them i.e. they are having really hard time getting with each other. The truth is they themselves are unaware of the meaning of relationship. A couple is in relationship when they tend to understand each other and they both might have separate bodies but they do have one soul. Sometimes couples insist to change certain things about each other and while doing so they tend to have serious issues with each other and it finally leads to break up. Have you give n a thought why your relationship was unable to revolutionize or adapt according to each other?? The reason  is that both the members of couple tend to think them as separate entities and this leads to generation of two ideologies. Even history is evident that whenever there is the arrival of separate ideologies great rift occurs between the communities.


The foremost reason for this drift is envy.  Envy results from desire of power and authority in a relationship.  We all might have heard that couples in relationship tend to say that they are in love . But ht e fact they are not. If there would have been love in between them the dominance will not be there. There will  not be any  respect of each other because respect is necessary when one of the person is superior. But in love both attain an equal status . This demand for dominance leads to envy and wherever is envy , love becomes to diminish over there. Even whenever there are fights between you it doesn't mean that your partner doesn't care for you. The beauty of relationship is that when your fight will be over you will realize and feel   more compassion and love in your relationship. Your affection will grow even after the fight and you both will feel silly for your deeds. But don't get your fights convert into war.

So, what’s the key to a successful relationship?? The foremost requirement is  to be one soul with two bodies . Whenever your partner asks something think of it as your need instead of misinterpreting as their dominance. Synchronize  your thoughts and keep envy outside the box. The best way will be to look your partner as your image itself.

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