Stair Case placement as per Vastu Shastra

Staircase in vaastuAs per vaastu shaastra, the staircase should always be in the negative zones like South-West, South or West part of the house.
If staircase is built in North-East corner, it will lead to chronic diseases among the members of the house.
Also, staircase should not be in center of the house.

Do’s about the staircase

  • Make staircase of the house in southern or western part of the house as these directions are heavy.
  • Build staircase in southeast in east, northwest in north, southwest in west and southwest in south if the staircase is external.
  • Arise the stairs from the East towards the West or from the North towards the South and a turn can be taken to any other side due to paucity of space.
  • Make the number of stairs odd. It should not end with zero. The number of risers should be odd numbers which when divided by 3, the remainder is always 2.
  • Paint staircase in light colors. Avoid red and black(dark) colors.
  • Repair broken stairs immediately otherwise it may cause accidents or mental tension due to clashes.


DON’TS for the stair case

  • Avoid staircase in northeast of the house and in center of the house as it will cause loss of wealth. The staircase in any other corner reduces loss.
  • Do not make staircase circular as it may cause ill effects on health.
  • Do not build any room such as kitchen, bathroom and ‘Pooja’ room under staircase. Though it can be used for storage.
  • Do not use common staircase for going upstairs and basement (cellar).

Other important tips about building the staircase

  • The staircases should always turn clockwise in direction when turning into the next flight.
  • There should be odd number of risers in the staircase such as 15, 17, 19 etc.
  • As per vaastu the circular or spiral staircase should be avoided.
  • Light colors should be chosen for the area of the staircase.

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