Some Important Facts about vaastu

1.  Vaastu—Definition

Vaastu is a traditional Indian theory of architecture that guides the design and construction of  building synchronous to the laws of nature and thereby generating harmony. It  involves high level of   mathematics but we intend to teach you this practice with ease.

  1. Vaastu effects can be noticed immediately if you are facing lot of problems. If you are not facing much problems then it may around 1 year. The effect  is noticed by the ease of problem.
  2. Directions plays very crucial role in vaastu as each direction have specific influences on a person.
  3. Different directions effect is shown in below table:-
EastProsperity , Wisdom and male issues
SoutheastHealth, Fire , Cooking and Food
SouthWealth, Crops, Happiness and Female head
SouthwestCharacter, Behavior, Longevity
WestFame and Prosperity, Male Head
NorthwestChange, Income, Friendship and Enemies
NorthWealth , Prosperity and Female issues
NortheastHealth, Wealth and complete prosperity


  1. Colors also plays important role in vaastu as each color corresponds to respective planet. It enhances the energy flow in home.
  2. In commercial/ industrial building inventory should be placed in Northwest for versatility and equipment to southeast and southwest sides . Chemicals should be stored underground in the northeast.
  3. Religion plays no role in vaastu. It is not governed by any particular religion. It is based on universal laws of planetary forces.
  4. Vaastu principles  are uniform through whole world.
  5. Vaastu and Feng shui are set of principles for effective construction. However, Vaastu is more mathematical than feng shui. It also gives detailed emphasis on height/ weight distribution, favorable and unfavorable positions.
  6. The above points indicate that vaastu principles are stable at all points of globe and therefore we can rely on them .

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