Sirasana Headstand Pose

Sirasana Headstand Pose

Sirasana in yoga is the king of all the asanas  in Yoga. It is difficult to do in the beginning but can be mastered within few weeks . This asana have plethora of benefits for you. In this asana you have to stand in inverted position with your body pressure on your head . This helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain. When you are inverted position your breathing rate increased and this in turn enhances the flow of oxygen in your body.


  • Initially practice this asana with the support of wall .

  • Cross your palms and tangle your fingers of both hands and make a base.

  • Bow down in horse position .

  • Touch your hand to the floor and support your head with your crossed palms.

  • Slowly lift your one leg upwards in the mid air and lift it top and touch the wall.

  • Slowly lift your other leg and touch it on the wall .

  • Make sure that your body weight should be on your elbows and your head.

  • As soon as you begin to master this asana then start doing it without the support of the wall.

  • Hold the pose from few seconds to minutes depending on the stamina and your comfort.

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  • Helps in growth of hair and prevents baldness by enhancing the flow of blood in head.

  • Relieves the brain from stress and strain.

  • Effective for weight loss.

  • Improves eyesight too by enhancing blood flow in optic nerve.

  • Sore throat and cold is cured through this asana.

  • Great for enhancing your memory and concentration.

  • Helps in cure back and spine problems.

  • Cautions

  • Don’t do it alone in the beginning . Do it in the presence of somebody.

  • Pregnant ladies should prohibit this asana.

  • Persons with severe neck injuries must not do this asana.

  • Never do it on a soft base such as mattress. Practice it directly on the mat.

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