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As we have already discussed the importance of moles  and their effect on our future predictions , in this post we are going to discuss the importance of mole on various parts of our body. In this post we will elaborate what does different moles on our body signifies and what different interpretation we can deduce from this analysis. So let’s begin

  1. Arms — Moles on arms indicate that the person is polite , hard working and will lead a very happy life. Mole near elbow signifies struggle in his life. If the moles are on a female in the above position that indicates that she will encounter problem related to her education.
  2. Back— These type of people are highly unreliable. You will need to have all facts and get your work on your end to deal with them and have a negotiation for any sought of enterprise.
  3. Buttocks—- This signifies that these kind of people are un- ambitious and tend to live any life with any mode of living.
  4. Breast— Mole on right breast indicates the lazy character of a female. Yu will have to assert your needs to enjoy the love and care of children . But mole on the left breast means the female will be highly energetic .
  5. Cheek— Mole on cheek signifies that a person is very studious and hard working and will be have very less interest in material pleasure of the world.
  6. Armpits — Moles under  left armpit signifies that the person will encounter great struggle in his life that will be highly rewarded in his career. Wealth will be attained by them in their late years but it will be highly pleasurable for them.  Mole under the right armpit signifies that one needs to alert and cautious in his life especially in matter pertaining to security.

So this was all about significance of moles on various parts of body  in the next post we will be analyzing significance of moles on some other body parts.

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