Should I change my name – phonetically, alphabetically or mantrically?

One of the basic queries which come to mind – particularly when we want to go for name change is that – would this really change my luck?

It is believed that the name given to a person comes naturally to his/her parents or caretakers from the universal consciousness, and is in best possible alignment with the past karma of previous lives for that person. It actually is the best possible expression, or way out, for the person to learn lessons and improve. Now if we look at above statement – then the question naturally arises. Is it advisable to change a name? The answer is both yes and no.

If we look at the name changing act – I think it is a much more serious business than it is ordinarily perceived by most of us. Name changing is taken as changing a school/college or may be changing a job. Well, in reality, it may not be that simple! That’s why amongst Jews it is a tradition to change the name of a person when he is on the death bed with the thought that it may change the course of events. And help the person come out of the jaws of death! Moreover, it is said that dealing with name change is equivalent to dealing with fire!

I am sure you must be interested in knowing how name changing actually works. The name given at birth, plus date of birth and time of birth defines the destiny of the person. Now looking at the different methods of name alphabet substitution (cahaldean, other�.like putting values like A= 1, B=2.. OR any other values like A=2, B=3 for any name). Once we get a number to the same say 8 or 9 etc, there are tens and hundreds of different interpretation of the numbers obtained , which we see . Which one should I trust is the question? Also, all the systems (Chaldean, others..) claim to be perfect in their own sense . Now how do we go about the problem?

If we assume all systems are correct in their own way (let us take it for granted, for the time being). My simple query is: suppose your name based on the Chaldean system promises good money, but based on some other system may mean trouble in the family life. So that means that with the SAME NAME as a result of chaldean system I may get money but at the same time ruin my family life due to some other system. It is like I go to market and get facial done for the front face and ignores the two-side faces- how would I look J. Funny. So do you want to do this to you? Now one can see how tight rope is the matter of name change.

What do you think a name is? It is actually a collection of words and if we look at it closely it is some thing similar to mantra (mantra are words received in inspired Rishis).

Many numerologists say that your destiny is to an extent defined by the meaning of your name. So if your name is pankaj (that is ” pank “= dirt or mud and “aj” = coming out, meaning coming out of dirt), meaning put this person in any adverse circumstance he will come out of it. Does this happen actually? Is it true for all pankaj’s have the similar destiny? No, not really.

Moreover name are vibrations, and any vibration could get power by association with a thought (barring some mantras), so may be in India people may associate name pankaj with special meaning which has been discussed above (that is also very few people may actually know the meaning), what happens when the person with this name is in USA or UK. Moreover we know how powerful mantras are and many mantras may not have any meaning at all – they may be simple combination of syllables – so how do they gain strength without having any meaning associated to it. This goes against the claim that meaning associated to names should make a difference.

Actually mantras are potent vibrations which that attract spiritual power like a magnet. This property should naturally apply to names to a lesser extent. So the conclusion one could draw is that name with a good meaning DOES NOT necessarily makes a difference. That is if mantras can be effective without meanings anywhere around the world – why can�t names with less significant meanings be more effective. Actually for this reason there are personalized mantras (Beyond the scope of the current discussion).

What does a name change do?

I am sure the one of the questions in your mind would be that how does a name change result in change in fortune. That is does it directly change your destiny or is that your name change changes your personality, habits and hence automatically by self-effort you change the destiny? Actually it is both ways. But one has to remember that the fundamental course of destiny cannot be changed and moreover the names take some time to stabilize and produce the results.

Next is the question of phonetics, pronunciation and what not makes a key difference in destiny. This thinking is not completely true. Actually it has been established by experimentation and research, that despite of phonetics aspect (which may be partially true), the expression of the name in English (that is the alphabets used to represent it) makes a major difference. Why did Mara work as effectively for Valmiki as Rama? Any mantra /name gains strength by repetition only.

Some people claim that if a politician or state (for example Kashmir) is not doing well, so change of name is the solution. For example let us assume that the strife in Kashmir is due to bad name. But the question remains that for example Kashmir – till recent times it was a one of the most peaceful and tranquil states. What suddenly changed to make it malefic or bad? If you think it deeper it means, that say a name is generally giving good results (like Kashmir) but suddenly the results change, that means name results have a temporal (time related) aspect  which cannot be ignored. In other words the effects change with timeJ.

Moreover names also have a different vibration at different locations on earth – so there is space (location change) aspect to the name as well. So there is no end to the dimensions that could be affecting the behavior of the name or a vibration. We know famous equation: speed of light = frequency X wavelength. Do you think if we are moving  may be in a rocket J or a satellite with speeds comparable to speed of light or may be staying a planet , then the name vibrations could have different impact. Yes, it could be. These are just thoughts for future.

So readers, as you would agree, there is much more to the name than that may catch your eyes. Next time you meet a numerologist J, pray to GOD he does not know physics or may be meta-physics . I personally feel name change is a serious matter to be done by experts , keeping in view the karmic alignment, mantric alignment .. and many other things. That comes only by right knowledge and experience.

In the name of the mother of all vibrations and hence names, can we say AUM.

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