Self Knowledge

Self Knowledge

In this post we are going to discuss about the relevance and how to determine your own identity i.e. your weakness, strengths, Who you are and why. Self knowledge is the beginning  of wisdom. To explore yourself it is extremely important to have a very strong intent of rediscovering yourself. Your intent is the crucial step for determining your identity . If you do have strong intent, then another factor is to be consistent in your efforts. If you want to transform yourself then do it  consistently. For example if somebody is drug addict and he wants to change himself, firstly he must have a very strong intent and motivation in his soul. With these, he might be able to hold on for a while but it is of vital importance to do so for a prolonged period of time. Intent and motivation should be consistent and persistent . At the time of discovering ourselves we tend to become discontented and sometimes frustrated. At this moment we begin to either change our paths or we succumb to the miseries and discomforts.


For self knowledge you must have  a very alert mind. An alert mind will always help you in identifying  the transformation going in and around you. A novice alcohol drinker generally becomes an alcoholic in no time and when you will ask him how did that happen he will say that he has no idea. The reason is he has lost his alertness  of mind. To gain self knowledge another factor that need to be given consideration is  that you must stop lying to yourself. Now you might be perplexed. How can one lie to himself. Yes , we can and some of us are doing so. For example the terrorist organizations thinks that they are killing people for their jlhad  or for God. But deep down they are lying to themselves. They are murderers not the devotee. In order to gain self knowledge it is necessary to shed your beliefs  and ideologies because they cloud your thinking. Initially, you must have a neutral attitude towards every stance and then adopt your own ideology that will be perfect in nature. The day you transform yourself, your society will also transform and so will your nation and finally the world.

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