Salabhasana [Locust pose] in yoga

Salabhasana pose is a stretching pose that mainly focuses on the abdomen, thorax and upper and lower back. Salabhasana  induces flexibility and strength in the back and is highly beneficial for gymnasts and athletes.


Initially, you will need to pad the ground with a folded mat or blanket. Take any mat or blanket with thickness  enough to support your lower abdomen. Make sure that your lower abdomen doesn’t feel any pain while lying on ground. Your stomach should be empty before doing this asana.


  • Lie inverted on the floor with your belly on the Keep your arms on the sides of your torso and your palms facing up the sky.

  • Your toes should be turned inward and your thighs must be rotated.

  • Breathe out and empty your lungs and raise your head ,legs and arms and your upper torso form the ground .  Your front pelvis should balance your body weight.

  • Start raising your arms parallel to the ground and stretch as backwards as possible. You could lift your hands in air too if you are comfortable.

  • Look in front or a little bit up in the sky. Your chin should touch the ground and nape of your neck should beer the pressure.

  • Hold the Salabhasana pose for 30 seconds or less initially. Try to raise the limit to 1 minute later on.

  • You can take breath in between  but try to exhale and hold as much as possible.

  • sulabhasana

    Benefits of Salabhasana

  • Strengthens your lower back .

  • Massages internal organs.

  • Great for digestive system.

  • Strengthens the shoulders and arms.

  • Helps in weight loss.

  • Improves concentration.

  • Effective for fatigue removal.

  • Cautions

  • Salabhasana is strictly prohibited for pregnant patients and people with slip disc.

  • Asthma patients and people with serious lung diseases too should refrain from this yoga.

  • Do not overdo the exercise.

  • Never do it after having a meal. It can creative digestion problem If done just after the meal.


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