Relationship—Why do you fight?

Relationship—Why do you fight??

In this post we are going to discuss that even falling  in love for decades we tend to have some great fights with our partner and these fights sometimes break us apart . The cause of you being drifting apart is your action. So let’s define what action is and how does it develop and what role does it do to break you relationship apart. Your action develops from your experiences and your experiences remain dormant in your memory.  As soon as you are trapped in a situation, if you have encountered it before your memory stimulates you with the experiences you held before and you start acting upon you previous experiences. So, in a relationship why does it matter? For example Let’s say your partner wants move to New York and you would like to move to san Francisco. Now, it might be possible that you don’t agree with your partner because he/she might have encountered something troublesome related to his partner choice. In short your ideologies becomes different now. Now, you will start recalling your past experiences   and start arguing with each other . Initially it seems a very petty issue but later on it turns into a serious argument mainly due to your ego .


`This all happens because of our different actions in a similar situation . Different action leads to different conclusions and finally  a couple parts into a separate identity. So, how can we prevent this scenario? Simply by hindering  conclusion emanating from  your actions. Now, you will be thinking how can our actions be without results or conclusions. Love is not your memory and it is neither your experience . It is simply a feeling and a thought that cannot be remembered and cannot be forgotten. It is the feeling in which even if you are in grim pain you will experience happiness. So,  it is of vital importance not to bring your past experience to treat the problems of your present . Also, instead of just contradicting your partner just think that whatever is the other saying it’s for your well being. Allspirituals wants you not to take decisions based on  your past relationship experience ( especially bitter ones) with your present relationships.

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