Power of an Individual

Power of an Individual

In this post we are going to discuss about the power of an individual and how an individual can influence the world.  A society plays an important role in the determining the power of an individual and vice versa. But is that really true? Let  suppose it is. But that means we are placing the society above us and are giving far superior role. It also signifies that the way society wants in the similar way an individual an develop himself .But if we are abiding by the society that means  must revolutionizing of  the system should have taken place  . But the truth is we didn't have a revolutionized  system.


Revolution comes from within the society and not from outside the society. In order to want revolutionize our society it is necessary to revolutionize and individual first. Our devotion should be completely to  the change. But the truth is we don’t. This all because our mentality is limited to ourselves. Today we all are involved in various types of industries and works . Have you ever thought Why? The reason is envy. Today we almost envy each other. We want to do better than the other. Nobody gives a thought of just earning livelihood. Everybody is caring for the prestige and power. A peon wants to be boss just the for the sake of power and prestige. But the truth is he is still earning livelihood too. This envious and greed among the people fosters this kind of society . This further leads to great confusion In the world . Then we turn to leader so that he can guide us to come out of the confusion . But the truth is he cannot help us. For Example You might have heard about society of criminals in your nearby area. Every city has this kind of society. The reason is because every individual in that society is a criminal which helps in rising of a criminal society.

Some people say how can a single people bring great change in the world. The truth is we all have underestimated the power of an individual . Society is simply the similarity of thoughts of same community of people . If instead of being envious we shift our focus to be calm and peaceful so will the society rise . With society it will foster a nation and with nation it will foster the world.

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