Power and Control in a Relationship

In this post we are going to discuss about the role of power and control in a relationship. Before beginning let’s explore the role of relationship in your life. Your relationship are simply your own reflection. Relationship is your identity. Without relationship you are nobody. You are a husband, son or a father because you are in a relationship. The moment you try to end it ,  It also ends you. So , relationship is you. The problem that worsens a relationship is when you are unable to understand it.

Power and Control in a Relationship

Sometimes you are unable to understand your relationship. Instead of understanding your own motives, thoughts and  your own pursuits . At that moment you tend to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. This isolation leads you to go for power. The power then provides you the over confidence to take on your relationship. This power instills you with confidence to modify and change your partner’s ideology. But when your partner fails to adapt as per your changing ideology then it further leads to isolation and drifting apart of couples. The mere reason is the desire of power and authority in a relationship. For Examples sometimes very small verbal altercation exists between the couples and when the altercation tends to be pacified in your psychological state you sometime feel that you are defeated. And our propensity to fight back begins to prevail. Even when you are isolated you tend to think of that you must dominate your partner instead of sorting yourself out. This ego begins intensifying at a very rapid rate and finally it takes ruins your relationship.

Instead of pondering over the argument that who is the winner of the fight in between you, take the stand and apologize. Firstly, apologizing won’ t make you shorter or a looser. If by saying sorry you can mend your relationship then there is no harm in it. Secondly, you are apologizing in front of your partner and your partner is similar to you only. Instead of thinking that you lost he/she will be proud of you for showing your eagerness to work thinks out.

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