February 25, 2015

In this post we are going to discuss the yoga one should do regularly so that the practitioner can attain a very glowy skin .  These yoga exercises also serve as anti- ageing . Although I am not saying that you will  remain young forever  but you can definitely slow your ageing  process significantly.

Do you know why we get wrinkles or ageing??

The answer is that as we grow old , the blood flow  begins to decrease in our face and our face cells begin to die. Due to reduction in flow of blood it begins difficult to regenerate our lost cells.


Yoga helps in increasing the flow of blood to the face and helps us making look young and gives us glowy skin.


This asana helps you to have flow of blood towards your face. It also helps in keeping your stomach healthy. It strengthens the thigh muscles and relaxes your arms.  So how to do this asana and attain the above benefits.



It is very easy to do . You can easily do this exercise with comfort and ease.


Step 1

You just have to sit straight with your  legs stretched. Spread your legs properly .

Step 2

Take a deep breath.  Then bend forward and slowly exhale and hold your foot thumb with your index finger and thumb.

[caption id="attachment_689" align="aligncenter" width="553"]paschimottanasana Anatomy[/caption]

Step 3

Make sure to touch your forehead towards you r knees  and hold till the count of 5. The longer you can hold with ease the better is the effect. Also make sure that your elbow should touch the floor.

Step  4

Now,  rise up slowly to the previous position and start inhaling slowly.

Caution:- Patients with backache should avoid this asana. Also, initially you might not be able touch knees with your forehead but it’s okay. Slowly practice this asana and within few days you will be able to touch knees too.



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