Paryankasana Couch Pose Yoga

Paryankasana Couch Pose Yoga


The Paryankasana Couch Pose Yoga  is one of the  hatha yoga asana. Paryanka means a bed or couch .  You  can also put a round pillow or round blanket behind your back for maximum support. Before proceeding to go for couch pose yoga or Paryankasana , you should do  a slight back twisting exercise so that you may feel comfortable while doing this yoga pose. It might feel difficult to this pose in the beginning but after  few weeks of practice you can master this art of yoga.

Paryankasana (Couch Pose)  Yoga


  • Sit with on your calves and if possible belt your thighs so that they remain fixed in a particular position and they don’t slide from one position to another.

  • When belting the knees make sure to keep your knees a little apart to leave a room for hip socket.

  • Slowly slide back and your head should be in the same line and position to that of your body.

  • Don’t decline yourself with great force as you may hit your head.

  • Paryankasana (Couch Pose)  Yoga

  • Press the elbows into the ground and rest  the back of the crown on the floor.

  • Bring your arms overhead and hold your elbows.

  • Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds and slowly increase the duration of the pose .

  • Keep your breathing normal and consistent .

  • Paryankasana (Couch Pose)  Yoga

  • If possible roll a blanket and insert in between the gap of your back and floor in such a way that the gap between both your back and floors might get increases therefore enhancing flexibility.

  • Lengthen your thighs towards the knees.

  • Try to narrow the sides of the waist and stretch them towards the head.

  • Paryankasana Couch Pose Yoga Benefits

  • Helps in opening the chest and your lungs.

  • Helps in lymph drainage under the collar bones.

  • Good for your thyroid and parathyroid .

  • Tones vocal cords , throat and tongue.

  • Stretches the respiratory diagram and your abdominal organs.

  • Stretch quadriceps and feet.

  • Cautions

  • People with severe spine should never do this asana with blanket in between the floor and spine as more the gap it might be possible that the pain might get

  • People with arthritis and knee injuries should also refrain.


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