Pain can be beneficial too revealed

In this posts we are going to discuss the relevance of pain and miseries in our life. From the beginning of life on planet , nobody would dare to have pain and miseries in his life. Everybody wants joy and fun with their life. Let me tell introduce you to a story in Hindu Mythology. During the creation of universe , initially God took away all the miseries and pain from human life. There was no sadness and there was fun and enjoyment everywhere. But eventually humans begin to visualize that they are living a dream. There perspective begin to shift from reality to imaginative. All of them started avoiding their responsibility and ultimately they began to forget their creator. Ultimately , God have to create miseries so that humans can feel  their sense of responsibility and  shift  their perspective from imaginative to that of reality.

Even today you yourself should ponder that after every misery you always have a lesson to learn . If you learn it then you enhance your knowledge and begin to rise forward in life if you don’t then you fall. Miseries and pain are meant to teach us a lesson and are not devised to give up before them. In relationship , couples generally tend to have frequent fights with each other . But if there is true love in their life, then they themselves will notice that their relationship will tend to grow stronger with every fights. Can you believe any relationship without  small fights ? Without miseries we will feel our life to be imaginative. There will be no aim and no aspirations as aims comes with hard work and hard work comes with pain .Can you believe your life without your aim and aspirations?

Pain's benefit


So , instead of just crying for your pain and sufferings , wake up and learn a lesson from them. Because as soon as you learn your lesson they will go away. They are meant to be designed to teach you  and then go so that you can embrace your future. They always happen in present and past so that we can secure our future.

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