Office Vaastu – Bringing change at workplace

Office ideal vaastu

We tend to spend a major part of our life in the office environment, and what if we add few Vaastu factors in our office environment to enhance performance. Sounds interesting? Here are a few tips to change your work place to get an easy promotion and of course a better pay!
1.Avoid offices that are at the dead-end of a street/road. But if there is no choice, then follow the rules of Vaastu to dispel the bad effects of its position.


2. Do not have two parallel sliding doors into the main office space. Figuratively, the number of employees who quit the job is equal to the number that joins. So it is back to square one, in terms of number of employees on the rolls.

3.Do not sit in a way that your back faces your boss. Either get a small wooden partition to block the view, or change your seat position.

4.Have round or oval shaped tables in the conference room. This will promote good understanding between the members in the board.

5.Never have your sub-ordinates working at a higher ground level than you. Or your boss sitting in a lower ground level than you. The ground level too should follow the hierarchy for all practical purposes.

6.The office of the key person/head honcho should be in the southwest part or corner of the office area.

7.Make sure that there is no toilet door facing your office cubicle/room.

8.If yours is a small office with about say 10 staff, make sure that all the tables are in such a way that the employees can make contact with each other face-to-face. Do not place the workstations in such a way that they have to turn around to talk to each other.

9.The Marketing/sales department (which facilitates cash flow into the office) should have lots of open space to move around. There should be lot of light and breeze flowing into the room.

10.Keep the entrance of your office free from any kind of obstacles. That is after a customer opens the door, he should not immediately confront a huge table (often the receptionists table) or a cubicle.

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