Mount Venus – The mirror of beauty


At the base of the thumb opposite to the Moon Mount lies a spot surrounded by the life line, that is to say (in other words) the place between the Manibandh and Dwitiya or Second (debilitate) Mars is known as (called) Mount Venus. This is the third joint of the thumb which has separately been given the name of Mount Venus. Those people in whose hands Mount of Venus has a higher elevation as compared to the other mounts are called Venus dominated people in the language of Palimsitry.

Specialties of Persons Having a raised mount Venus :

Physical Features (Symptoms) : Most of the features (qualities) of Venus dominated people are similar to those found in Jupiter Centric people but Venus Centric people are more flexible in nature as compared to their Jupiter centric counterparts a Venus centric person is instilled with a great softness in nature and is blessed (endowed) with a greater (much greater) sense of selfless service. (The manner in which) Same way as the colour white having a Pinkish hue is (seen) visible from (to) the naked eye a Venus centric person also has the same type of complexion but is delicate and soft. Height is above normal and the face round on which the contours of the bones are not visible. His cheeks are oily. The hair are black, curly and dense (heavy) and at times are curled backwards (towards the back side). The Eyes are big which appear ( or look) (very) attractive. The hands of Venus centric (dominated) people are round and the shoulders (are) narrow.

Merits & Demerits (Advantages & Disadvantages) of Mount Venus : If the Mount Venus in the palm is raised (elevated), muscular, healthy and has redness then it is considered as developed which imbibes all its qualities in a person. On the contrary, an undeveloped mount is not visible in the palm and deprives one of all its related qualities and in the case of an ordinarily developed mount the situation hovering between the complete and the incomplete exists in its qualities, in other words the term ordinarily developed refers to ordinary qualities.

1. Those people in whose palms Mount Venus is greatly (extraordinarily) developed, such people are sex crazy and are always yearning for the opposites sex and feelings of lust and passion are necessarily included in the love relations.

2. If the mount Venus is ordinarily raised (elevated) then that individual has a special interest in music and along with the artistic tendency are fond of good food. It is their all out endeavor to ensure that no harm is caused to anyone because of their actions.

3. If the Mount Venus has a substantial elevation and Mount Jupiter is also equally good then that person never changes his decision and always sticks to it, whenever such a person forms a relation with someone then he tries to maintain it throughout his entire life. Such a person is self respecting, having a good (moral) character and is intelligent.

4. If the Mount Venus has a less elevation then such a person is always lost in thoughts arousing sexual urges and wastes his time in building (imaginary) castles in the air.

5. If there is a void in the elevation of Mount Venus then infertility can be found in that person and that person is also harsh (strict) in his behavior. Sentiments have no effect on the person.

I effects : If the position of Mount Venus is not favourable then the person catches addiction to drugs immediately. There can be various ailments of (in) reproductive organs and the woman may have problems in giving birth to a child (delivering a child) a person himself creates ailments due to his own excesses ailments especially of the throat occur.

Various Signs on Mount Venus and Their Effects :

Cross : The presence of a cross on Mount Venus is an indication of great love. Such a person is an idealist and is the one who pays more attention towards sex. This is also an indicator of failure in marriage and marital (married) life.

Bindu : Bindu is also called a mole. If the black spot / mole / spot is located on Mount Venus then one get (receives) disrepute (infamy) and is an indicator of hindrance in love (sex) relations. It also indicates ailments (diseases) of reproductive organs.

Circle : If there is a circle on the area (portion) of Mount Venus then one gets co-operation in the field of art and achieves success in love relations, but if other factors on the palm are not conducive (favourable) then it causes ailments of a long duration.

Island : If there is a sign of the island on the Mount (of) Venus then the (symbol) feelings of allurement (temptation) settles down in a person and voices of dissent also arise in love relationships.

Square : If the sign of a square exists on Mount Venus then it prevents (saves) a person from the ill effects (caused due to lust and passion) of lust and passion. If this square shifts towards the Manibandh from (the) Mount Venus then the person has to spend his life in solitude.

Angle : If this symbol is present on Mount Venus then the person spends luxuriously on merriment (enjoyment).

Mesh (Net) : If there is a mesh type (net type) of a symbol on the Mount Venus then there is a deficiency of characteristic traits (qualities). Feelings of lust and passion cement their place (settle down) in that person. If other factors in the palm are not favourable then a person yearns for the satisfaction of his sexual urges without caring for what is right or wrong and throwing all social values to the winds.

Triangle : If the symbol of a triangle is visible on Mount Venus then that person is (a mathematician) considered as calculative which compels a person to take decisions in love matters on the basis of its merits and demerits. In other words, here the triangle does the work of nailing down the mind and the person apart from having a control from getting astrayed, takes decisions after giving them a proper thought.

Trident: If there is a symbol of the trishul on the area around Mount Venus then there is an increase in the feelings of love, piety and beauty in the person.

Star : If a star is present on Mount Venus then it doesn't allow a person to succeed in (matters pertaining to love relationships) sexual matters. Wastage only of time and money comes his way.

Inclination (Slope) of Mount Venus : If the slant (of Mount Venus) is towards the thumb then the person's desires remain in the ambit of emotions. If the mount Venus is tilted towards Mars then there is no pleasantness (cordiality) in love relations. If the tilt is towards Manibandh then the desires rule the mind and if it is towards the Moon Mount, then the interest (inclination) is towards the fine arts i.e. dance, music etc.

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