Mole Astrology Predictions for you

Mole Astrology

Everybody has different types of moles on  different body parts . These moles tend to be of different size, shape and color. Some are favored by us and some  are not appreciated by us. These tend to reveal different information regarding your present and  future.  Chinese astrologer believe that the ‘chi’ energy is obstructed or favored  depending on the location of moles .Let’s have a look what does different moles say about you.

  1. Mole on cheek


If you have mole on any of the cheeks it means that you are very serious and have very few pleasures. Mole on right cheek  indicates that you are very sensitive and loves his family. Wealth will be easily obtainable by you.

Amole on the left cheek means that are a introvert and arrogant person. You may face troubles in your life but are likely o have happiness in your old age due to your children.

  1. Moles on your arm

This mole indicates that the person is polite and diligent. He will tend to be a having a very happy married life. Mole near the elbow indicates struggle in life. Mole on forearms indicates immense travel opportunities.

  1. Mole on back

This indicates that you consider your time very precious. You dislike the people especially In business who doesn’t do their home woks first and tend to knock on your doors before completing their task. Mole near backbone means that you will be achieving great fame. Mole on right side of back is indicative of good health and courage. Mole on left side of your back means you will have your task done by diplomacy.

  1. Mole on Eyebrow

Mole under your eyebrow means you will have abundant wealth. When it is hidden from view it signifies you will encounter hidden treasure.

  1. Eyelids

Mole on eyelids means that you will be having disharmony within the family and have  a tendency to lose money.  Moles under your eyes means that you  are emotional in your attitude.

This  is all about moles on different body parts . In the next post allspirituals will be revealing you the importance of mole on some other parts of body.


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