Mole Astrology and their interpretations– Part 1


As we have already discussed in the previous post the indication and meaning of moles on certain body parts , in this post we are going to unearth and interpret the meaning of moles present on other body parts.  These predictions will certainly help you in understanding the future you may be having so that you may protect yourself from ominous fortune.  So let’s carry the previous list and start the interpretation of various moles.

  1. Chin—- Mole on chin means that people are affectionate and caring . They easily adapt to the new surroundings and to any of the situations. They are dedicated and will ing to accept responsibilities.
  2. Ear— Mole on ear signifies that they are very lucky. Luck will always favor them.
  3. Elbow— These kind of people love to travel and they are highly adventurous and high spirited.
  4. Eye— Mole on the eye means that these kind of people are honest and straightforward.
  5. Finger—This mole signifies that they are dishonest and generally exaggerate themselves.
  6. Foot— Mole on foot signifies that these are lazy people and they tend get weight very easily .
  7. Genitals — It signifies that the person will likely have sexual addiction.
  8. Forehead— People with mole on forehead means that they will be prosperous and we settled in their life.
  9. Hand—-Mole on hand signifies that they are talented and will eventually succeed in their life.
  10. Heel—Mole on the heel means that the person will tend to have enemies easily and they are likely to lose friends in their life. These people have to be very careful in choosing their friends.

So that was all about the moles on certain parts of body. In the next post we will study the significance of moles on other parts of our body.

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