Mature relationship or immature ???




In this post we are going to discuss about difference between mature and immature relationship. These difference will help you in identifying your stance on relationship .

  • Mature couples don’t fall in love instantly, they give time to relationship and then they step into it .
  • When a couple is in mature relationship, they both have peace of mind . None them get easily worried and disturbed  due to any minor action of the each other.

Mature relationship or immature ???

  • Immature relationships are restless they tend to argue over small matters but this does not happen in mature relationship.
  • There are lot of questions in immature relationships but there are answers and solution in mature relationships.
  • There is frequent use of words like “ I , me and myself” i.e. they have selfish tendency  in immature relationship but mature relationship uses words like “ We, us and ourselves”. They both have selfless motives .
  • Immature relationship lose their motivation, esteem etc after sometimes but mature relationship don’t . They are always motivated.
  • During fights between couples immature tend to avoid each other but in mature relationship people face each other and sort out their problems.
  • Immature people are always trying to find themselves in a relationship but in mature relationship both the people know themselves and their status and responsibility in relationship.

Mature relationship or immature ???

  • Immature people are threatened by other people as they feel insecure but mature ones always socialize and don’t have any sort of insecurities in between them.
  • Your past erupts and stands in front of you in immature relationship but in mature relationship both the people share each other past misdeeds. They help you carry omen of your past.

Mature relationship or immature ???

  • Also, in immature relationship your past mistakes are always brought up but in mature relationship your partner helps you in rectifying past mistakes.

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