Matsyasana[ Fish Pose] Asana in Yoga

This word in yoga means ‘ fish pose’ . If you maintain this pose in water you will find that your body will float on water. This is the reason for calling this a fish pose . This is very easy yoga exercise and anybody can do it with ease. This yoga  exercise is highly beneficial especially for persons with neck and back disorder.


  • Lie straight on your back. Keep your feet together and straight your legs . You can also cross your legs do this asana if it is comfortable for you. Doing this asana with crossed legs is highly beneficial but allspirituals recommend you to do with straight legs first and then shift to cross legs after two weeks of practice.

  • Fesh-Pose



  • Place your elbow on the floor and spread your arms to full length.

  • Slowly start pulling up y our arms and place them under your hips with the palms facing down. Bring the elbows close to each other.

  • While breathing in lift your heads and chest up towards sky.

  • Lower your head while keeping chest elevated and the top your head to the floor gently. Make sure that you shouldn’t hit your head while doing so.

  • Place your weight on the elbow instead of the head . Lift your chest up in between your shoulder blades . Press your thighs and legs to the floor.

  • Hold the pose and take gentle breaths in and out. Hold as much as possible.

  • Lift your head up and lower your chest and start relaxing.

  • Advantages

  • Helps in relieving the stress from shoulder and neck .

  • Strengthens the respiratory systems .

  • Best for patients with parathyroid , pituitary and pineal glands disorders

  • Brings glow to the face and makes you  look naturally young.

  • Beneficial for women reproductive organs.

  • Caution

    Patients with very high or low blood pressure should refrain this exercise. Migraine , insomnia and other brain related disorders should also refrain from these exercise.


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