Marriage Line – position and direction

marriage line in palmistryThe marriage line is usually cutting the percussion horizontally at the side of the hand between the line of heart and the base of the fourth finger pentrating slightly into the mount of mercury.

One may have one line, multiple lines or even no lines of marriage.
In few hands, marriage line may develop very late (in mid 30s or even later) which indicate late marriage.

Length of marriage line :

  • Long line : Long relationship
  • Sloping towards the Heart line : Sudden death of the partner
  • Gradual slope towards Heart line : Spouse will die after lingering illness.
  • Curving upwards : Person may remain single throughout his lifetime or marry only at oldage.
  • The proximity to the heart line indicates the age of marriage, nearer to the heart line, the earlier the marriage
  • Nearest the midpoint between the base of the fourth finger and the heart line : Late marriage

Marriage Line's Color, Width and Depth :

  • Deep colour : Better the relationship. However the line shoudn’t be too deep or too wide as it indicates a strain in the relationship and a dwindling of affection.
  • Moderately deep furrow : Indicates just a legal union or arranged by the families

Marriage Line Malformation:

  • Broken : Seperation, death or divorce
  • Broken but overlaying fragments : Seperation followed by reunion. Sometimes indicates a second marriage between the two ,or a love affair which takes long time to end up in a matrimonial relation after many seperations.
  • Too many lines crossing the palm all over : A wife leading her husband or viceversa for evil purposes

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