Marriage Compatibility and Love Life in Palmistry

marriage in palmistryFor a successful married life, the general characteristics of  both the bride as well as the bridegroom are that they should have long life span, normal cleverness, good fortune and love towards life mate and family members. To assess these qualities, the life line, head line, the fate line and the heart line of both are to be examined.

If both have a good life line without faults, a moderate head line, a good fate line and a good heart line without faults, their married life will be happy. The heart line should be more specific than the head line in the hands of both the bride and the bridegroom. Then only they will be able to love each other.


Besides these general qualities there are some special characteristics, which are to be examined for a successful married life. These are described below:

  • For a successful married life, the main quality required is respecting the whims and fancies of the life mate and to adjust oneself to suit the occasion. To asses this quality the index finger of both is an indicator. The index finger (finger of Jupiter) indicates ego. If it is long, one will exhibit command and will not care for other’s ideas. One will be always a master and will not follow others. So much so if both bride and bridegroom have long index fingers, one will not care for the other and chaos will prevail. So it is desirable to have a normal index finger for good married life or a short index finger.
  • The couple should have mental peace. They should not be preoccupied with tension, suspense, hopelessness and pessimistic attitude. For assessing these qualities, the lines in the hand are to be examined. If the hands of both the bride and bridegroom contain numerous small and long lines and appear like a spider's web, then all the above mentioned bad qualities exist for both and as such the alliance will not be successful. So the lines in the hands of both the bride and bridegroom should be limited. Then only the alliance will be fruitful.
  • The couple should follow established norms, discipline, discrimination and a methodical approach to face any event in life. To assess this, the shape of the hand and fingers are to be examined. To have the above qualities it is desirable that both the bride and the bridegroom should have a square hand and square fingers. They should have a good thumb also. It should not be short, curved and stiff. Then their married life will go smooth.
  • It is desirable to have a strong desire to serve others. Then the couple will lead a harmonious married life. This can be assessed by the presence of Medical stigmata on the mount of Mercury. If there are 4 or 5 short vertical lines on the mount of Mercury, then they will willingly serve others. So it is a good sign for the couple to have medical stigmata in their hands.Love, affection, delicacy should be in normal proportions for a successful married life. These can be assessed by the little finger and the mount of Venus. For a successful married life both the bride and bridegroom should have a long little finger and well developed mount of Venus.
  • For a successful married life neither of the two should have abnormal qualities or characteristics. To assess these qualities, there should be a good fate line in the hands of both. The axial tri radius should be in its normal position.
  • Especially for ladies, the fate line should be examined. The behaviour of the bride can be assessed from the fate line. If the fate line starts inside the life line(that is towards thumb) or it touches the life line, then she will depend upon her father for her needs during childhood. Naturally after marriage, she will depend on her husband and if the husband treats her with love and affection and fulfils her desires then the married life will be successful. If the fate line starts in the middle of the palm without connection to life line, she will have independent nature. She will try to be independent and she may not behave as per the whims and fancies of her husband. So there will be problems in their married life.

If the fate line starts from the mount of luna, she will have obedience, respect to others and a loving nature. As such if the husband treats her with loving care, then the married life will be very happy.

If the fate line starts from the mount of luna and stops just before reaching head line, then she is most obedient and worships her husband as God and serves him well irrespective of his merits and demerits. This type of fate line for the bride makes their married life very happy.

On the other hand if there is no fate line in the hand of the bride then it will not be possible to assess her behavior and conduct. Similarly the married life of a couple will not be happy, if both don't have good fate lines. The married life will not be happy if both have faulty fate lines.

Thus marriage compatibility can be determined with the help of palmistry.

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